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GC Gathering Season - Item wanted, willing to trade


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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1327196732' post='101733']
Seigheart bids 5gc for Bone Resource Collector

(note that such an item might be eventually available as shared tool. Resource collecting items will also be offered "probably" to the spentcredits player list. This is not certain on when or if it will involve this specific one but don't say i didnt mention it. Item will be given as personal item and not shared one, OF COURSE.)

I don't have a significant amount of GC, but I do have a handful of valuable creatures to be sold or traded. If someone with a stock of GC will put a bid in to Mur for an [b]independent rainwater collector[/b], I will trade for it. The same offer goes to anyone on the spentcredits list.

If you're interested in creatures I have available for sale or trade, please contact me.

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Yes, I did. It was denied.

Full List Here


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