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[quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1328574073' post='103690']
Now my... *coughs* [b][i][u]good friend[/u][/i][/b] Brulant *laughs quietly to himself* says it's impossible.

I was referring him to this announcement. Is it possible to invite MP3s into an alliance? Or does the interface prohibit it somehow?

[color=#CCCCCC][font=Georgia,]Ann. 1830 - [2011-04-29 01:08:39 - Stage 10][/font][/color]
[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]Any player that wishes to be part of an alliance needs to now be at least MP4 level to join.[/font][/color]

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Ah. A noble pursuit indeed.

Anyway then, as Soothing Sands pointed out, badges are pretty much meaningless. The only thing being MP3 bars you from is the badge, not any of the working with people who are [i]officially[/i] in Water Dowsers, etc. Even if it doesn't say so on your little profile-y-sidebar thing, you can still essentially be a member of the Water Dowsers.

Edit: Typo

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I will second the comments above.
While the actual "pretty little image by your name" is effectively imp[ossible due to system restrictions, helping the Dowsers and Marinds Bell with their Water is available to anyone. Jump in, and make a splash! :)

(ps: Yes, I know we keep missing each other for 'official chat'. I'll keep trying to adjust my schedule. )

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