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Reasons For Leaving Necrovion


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As many of you might know, I'm not much of a people person (which is an understatement) and I have never been able to work well with a certain type of people (the ones who weren't able to look past my social "awkwardness"(let's call it that) and see me for who I am).

Upon returning from my long absence, I found that most people left in Necrovion were the ones who wouldn't be happy to work with me, interact with me, or even spend long(ish) periods of time in the same scene as me, and most importantly, who don't have the same views of what Necrovion should be as me... (And some of them are people who I don't really like much... Yeah... Sue me. :) )

Now, I could have stayed, playing the rebell, and wasting my energy on trying to mold Necrovion into my personal view of how it should be from the outside, but I feel that it isn't worth it. Not because I don't feel that strongly about being a part of Necrovion, but because I know I'd ultimately fail. (And this isn't just about ingame things, it's also about my private life, which is a mess right now, and lack of time I'd have available to devote to doing anything MD related).

I will still be willing to talk about Necrovion related things, and if anybody wants to know about Necrovion from my point of view, or about things I've researched about it, they can still ask me. (I might not tell you everything, but in most cases I'll try to point you in the right direction)

I just thought it would be good to clear things up, and to avoid questions...

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