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Land Loyalty for Shared Items


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First issue, you can't see how much loyalty it requires to take something from the tool box. That'd be very handy.

[s]Then second, I, land loyalty 526, can't take any of the tools from the Golemus laboratory. I assume they're still set to the land affliations they randomly got when being designed, which are Land of East and Necrovion iirc.

The tools [color=#ff0000]from Golemus[/color] there are:
Memory Stone Detector
Reality Coagulator
Sand Melter
Brass Gears and Parts

They're all grouped at golemus lab, and apparently all not available to Golemus people[/s] :))
Golemus items are fixed, thanks a lot :D

Obviously, i don't have loyalty to other lands. If you find issues in other lands, please make a post :)

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Day 72 05:15 ST

"Fierce Needle of Feebleness
An enchanted needle that can penetrate the personal soul barrier of a given target, provided enough people believe in this cause.

Action code: fightcause#Fightfor=weakening;Effect_won=percweaken;Effect_lost=percweaken;Power_won=16;Power_lost=8;Minpeople=3;Maxpeople=25;Duration=12000;Amplif=1.2;
Max Uses: 10
Recharge rate: ~500sec
When consumed: returntogroup
Transferable: No
Group: Marindbell_pow
Land Loyalty Required: 200"

i have 400+ MB Land Loyalty points but the source won't give me any of the above legislator item

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only Necrovion citizens can grab those tools (i can confirm it with AmberRune, who possess one, [i]edit: but not sure if other non-Necrovion non-MB citizen can grab 'em[/i]) even the items say "[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Group: Marindbell_pow"[/font][/color]

[color=#ff0000][b][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]>_<[/font][/b][/color]

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The needle is marked as Necro, so it needs Necro loyalty to grab it. Neither location nor the group-tag influence that, the item just has a land affiliation on its own.
The bugs-person/team knows how to fix that, only took about 15 minutes for all the items in the laboratory, and that was the first time :))

Hooray for modding rights :D

Please keep this _Bug Report_ limited to bugs, like items that are in one land and show another land, loyalty requirements that don't work, etc.
This is supposed to be as clean and short as possible for the bugs guys to do their work efficiently.

I've split the bits about what could be different to another section, [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11882-land-loyalty-for-items-ideas-suggestions"]http://magicduel.inv...eas-suggestions[/url]
That'd be the place suited for comments on the work that's being done :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

As requested, i am posting this in an appropriate topic:
[quote name='No one' timestamp='1333462645' post='108177']
Land Loyalty : i am still waiting for you to [b]split equitably [/b]the items accross all lands.
Related question : why does the Chat obfuscator requires Loreroot loyalty ? I know that it was created to be used against Dst, but still, why is she forbidden to take some (or me for that matter, or Eon or ppl from the East or GG or Necro ).

Acoustic Obfuscators: They require Loreroot loyalty. Why ?

Also, as I am the oldest noob here, can someone please post a list of all shared items with their current land loyalty ? (or point me to one)
Or ... please open a new topic for that so that the first post can be the updated list.

This way, the we can all see better if they are properly shared & located

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  • Root Admin

since you seem disinclined to take the short walk and go check:

Items in LR shared items:

various woodcutting tooks: 60 LR loyalty
LR Flag, none lol
Acoustic obfucators: Any Homeland: 120 <- not entirely sure what "Any Homeland" means
Land Clensers - 170 LR
Pass Papers - 150 LR

These are the values displayed, i cant actualyl check them since i dont have the LR loyalty,

Go have a look no one if you really care...

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1333621317' post='108303']
since you seem disinclined to take the short walk and go check:
Go have a look no one if you really care...

Hi Chewett, thank you for your advice,

You should know me better then that. I don't really throw thing just for fun and with no reason.

But ... I checked them when I last took my HerbBasket and the "Acoustic obfucators" clearly stated something like "landloyalty: 60 Loreroot". That is why I even mentioned it.

As for the entire list of shared items ... i am sorry, i don't even know where all of them are located. That is why I asked for it.

But you missed my point as the key words were "[b]split equitably[/b]". Are they ? Can all noobs (me included) know them all ? PLEASE

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