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Community Bank of MagicDuel

Hedge Munos

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I'm trying my hand at starting a small community banking system. No one else is involved in this (I hope the community will abuse my offer as freely as they wish) aside from myself, at the moment.

If you're in need of someone to store some goods for you (whether it be creature - note that age is lost in trades -, coin, resource, or item), I'm willing to do so. I will note the person, item, date I received the item, and date of it's return to you.

Now, it is known that resources stack, so, if you need me to store a resource I'm already holding for someone else, you will have to wait (I will do everything in my power to help you find a means of storing your item). If this is a regular happening, I will try to involve others in the bank, or if I must, create a waitlist. :(

No, you're items will not be traded without your consent.

No, I won't trade your items to someone else for you, that leads to too much havoc.

Yes, this is entirely free. I do not ask for coinage/creatures/items/etc. in exchange for banking.

Please: if you've any questions, ask.


P.S. This was put in the General Forum rather than the Central Market, because I'm not selling/buying.

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I would get involved if i could give out some loans :) Pay back 110% of the value you take out, or something like that?

Also, I think the usefulness of banks has yet to come. Many things are in development, if you have noticed. I'm thinking the benefits will be apparent in the near future.

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I would suggest keeping your record on the forum as well as privately. With that, you've got the extra copy in case one is lost, plus there's that much more discouragement to use the service for something that is against the rules, and it is easier to solve disagreements. I would also offer my services to keep track of stuff, if you don't want to, and if this actually takes off.

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