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WTS 7th Anniversary Aramor

Fyrd Argentus

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I seem to have an extra!

7th Anniversary Aramor will go to the best offer in coins -- after the bidding falls silent AND all the prize-giving from the celebration has finished (so you know what you got...) I will give at least 24 hours notice when I think this has happened.

Notes are honored at face value but don't count on me being able to change them. 15sc = 1 gold.

If you wish to offer something else, PM me and I will tell you what coin value equivalent I would consider it to be worth in bidding. You can then offer it or not as you choose. Of course just because I consider something worth X as a bid does NOT mean I am willing to buy it outright.

Please post bids here by total coin value only (no need to publicly explain equivalencies we work out in private).

I will extend credit to those with a past history with me.

Bear with me - life is full to overflowing and my responses will be slow.

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Okay, Pip is only bid in the last 48 hours. If Ero and Shadow indicate a pass, this is done. Anybody who wants more time best say so soon. Otherwise we wait just a bit longer before closing it. So, .... going once.....

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