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Suspicious visitor in the realm?


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(Note: I'm merely announcing this, to retain a bit of Anonymity for the other participants. It's not "my quest". :) )

I've noticed some strange reflections in the Fountain of Dark Vibrations the other day. One of them seemed to spell out:

[b]There's a small red man running around the realm playing pranks on people. [/b]
[b]I think he may have been a Leprechaun![/b]

More details are surely visible in the water of that fountain by now, if you take a peek yourself.
(no password, just check the Fountain of Dark Vibration clickie)

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Dark Vibrations isn't in the East, won't say where it actually is, cos I'm fun like that, but thought I'd save your searching to the East cos that'd take ages and be fruitless.

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[quote name='Valldore Nal' timestamp='1337881558' post='112790']
I don't think that her comment (although misleading) was about the location of the fountain.
Wisdom indeed. :)

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