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Re-organisation of Top Links

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  • Root Admin

I dislike messiness, so im going to get some communtiy action and see what others think

Ignoring all special links and such that LHO's have and such. i came to this as the list of links currently in the rightbar:

[Wishpoints Top] [Same country] [Most Popular] [Active Veterans] [Item Owners] [Adventure Log] [Inventory] [Wishpoints] [Personal page] [Notebook] [Webcam] [Mood panel] [Public Logs] [Options]

And these are the ones on the topbar:

[View announcements] [Adventure Log] [Quests] [Calendar] [Challenges] [MD Court] [ Game intro] [Known issues] [Restrictions] [Active Forum Posts] [MDNP][Treasury] [Search] [MD Toolbar] [Free credits]

Thats a lot of links... I feel these could be re-organised, moved and swapped around.

Some of the links have little relevelence nowadays, like the Treasury and MDNP, Known issues is very old as is challanges..

Do people think that the interface could do with some cleaning up? or do they think that all these links here are a "good thing"

[b]Current Summary of Suggested items (see edit time for last edited time):[/b]

[Personal page] [Notebook] can be moved to your ~papers~ link under chat also

Move [Wishpoints Top] [Most Popular] [Active Veterans] [Item Owners] onto one link where all are visible

Challanges and Quests links can be merged into one, updating them both and doing some nice formatting :D

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Challenges is useful every Heads Competition, when it updates to show the current points.

Otherwise, yeah I kinda agree that some of the old links are not really used much lately. Not sure how to re-organize them except maybe alphabetically or such?

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  • Root Admin

See, in my opinion you could move all the top lists to one link, which then after pressing it would change the display to something like this:

[large chunk of top links]
[Wishpoints Top] [Most Popular] [Active Veterans] [Item Owners]

so that you still have access to them, but that you press it, and it gives you the 4 lists as before. It then removes 3 links

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Actually [Wishpoints Top] [Same country] [Most Popular] [Active Veterans] [Item Owners] [Adventure Log] [Wishpoints] [Personal page] [Webcam] can be hidden. The rest of them are more commonly used I think. Especially inventory, MP and PL. Me I use the notebook for so many things...

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Announcements and Game Intro should remain visible as a constant imo. Possibly Free Creds as well. past that I don't really mind (personally) what's directly visible, so long as everything is still easily accessible ofc

A single 'top lists' button sounds good. Possibly stick Same Country in there as well.
Papers moving sounds alright.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1341684090' post='116864']
Challenges and Quests can be merged.

agreed, some nice formatting can be done to seperate player quests and other stuff

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With the "top lists" idea, did you envision a drop down menu or having the links inserted upon selection of the "top lists" link? The styling would be hard to get right on the first, but the latter would likely cause everything else to shuffle and doesn't really make anything neater.

In general, I like this idea.

Edit: I also think that options would fit better along the header than in the sidebar.

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  • Root Admin

On pressing the top links page, you would then be presented with the list below the current list,

if you look at the mood panel, the 4 links would essentially be on the line under the large chunk of links, where the text "mood panel" is.

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My suggestions on the top links:
I think It would look good with 3 bigger links there - Announcements. Game intro and [b]"Click for more"[/b], which will include all the other links left.

The last one should reactivate the way [Announcements] do. For example when the last of the Free Credits is active, the link turns red ([b][color=#ff0000][Click for more][/color][/b]). Developed further - a similar counter can be added ([b][color=#ff0000][Click for more(13)][/color][/b]) - it will count the number of active free credits at the given time. Also if a Contest becomes active, it will increase the counter also - ([b][color=#ff0000][Click for more(20)][/color][/b]). Of course when you open the [b][color=#ff0000][Click for more][/color][/b] link, the Free Credits and Contests&Quest should be red to, in order to indicate where are the new changes.

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Split the sidebar in groups like : Top, World, 4 me & Admin. Thus showing just 4 links or images that could fit on one row.
Clicking on any of those 4 items would activate one of the group (consider the <fieldset> & <legend>tags of html :)
See: [url="http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_fieldset"]http://www.w3schools...ryhtml_fieldset[/url]
Note: not to be closed on refresh but stored the status of group with a cookie.

[<a onclidk=toggleOnOff...>Top</a>]
<fieldset id=fieldset_top name=fieldset_top>
<legend>Top: </legend>
[Wishpoints Top] [Most Popular] [Active Veterans] [Item Owners]
<script>set_display_fieldset(top) .... as in cookies </script>

Example of having all groups expanded:
<start of example>
[Top] [World] [4 me] [Admin]
|[Wishpoints Top] [Most Popular] [Active Veterans] [Item Owners]
|[Same country] [Adventure Log] [Webcam] [Mood panel] [Public Logs]
+--4 me------------
|[Inventory] [Spell pages] [Wishpoints] [Personal page] [Notebook]
|[Friends] [Papers] [Spells]
|[Quest Clickables] [Options] [Menus]

<end of example>

I added also the links "[Friends] [Papers] [Spells]" as a ... why not.

*) I added [Admin] -> [Menus] for a special page where you can configure what links to show up or not.
Considering that each menu has a number (just like wishes & shop items, one can simply choose to have displayed or not certain links. This could be implemented with the clickables features / cookies or from PHP

Edited by No one
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(please don't merge the posts)

About the Top links.
From my point of vire, on top there should be just notification links there.

Also: [Restrictions] is already presend at the bottom of the page
and [Known issues], [MD Toolbar] & [Search] can also be moved down

[View announcements] [Adventure Log] [Quests] [Challenges] can be moved on sidebar to [World] . Add the link on top of page just when there are unread announcements/running chalanges & quests.

... that would be all for now, I think I lost some links but ... we will see what comes out ;)

Edited by No one
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