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Problem with new player 'shade' tutorial

The MoM

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if after you get your creatures, you DON'T go to the scroll, and simply go back to 'deal with the monster' he still says 'you don't think you can defeat me without an army'
and then, after you go to the scroll, and click continue twice, the 'deal with the threats you encountered on your way' objective shows up, the monster STILL says the same message.
Now, I know this isn't a big deal, but imagine what the new players would think? it is kinda confusing if you didn't know that there were shades you had to fight on old man's road and the rest....

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wait..... wut???????

game mechanics doesnt allows ya to leave aramory before ya get creats and click continue in story, there is no arrow, this scenario is only possible on mp4/5 but then its no longer the issue

OR if ya got creats by trade that doesnt counts to system, so that might be problem, system predicts ya will HAVE to enter aramory, which ya cant leave before that shade thingy triggers with clickin continue in story

so ya got creats by trade? or ya talkin for higher mp levels?

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No Libs, you [u]can[/u] wander to the Path of Lineliness if you don't keep checking your StorySCroll after getting a few Aramors and such. I'd been meaning to test exactly where it breaks down, but did that once on a new alt just because I "got ahead of myself". If you go back to the Old Man's Road, you can fix things, but it is a bit confusing I'll admit. (you don't need to go the whole way back either, you can skip a Shade)

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what happened was exactly what Maebius said... for 'vets' it's no prob, they know their way, but for a new player he might think 'oh, but here is my threat? what's happening... meh this game is stupid' and quit etc...
by the way Maebius, I want to talk to you if I can (pm)

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Indeed this seems to be the case - I would surmise that the key to disable the exit arrow got placed at the wrong point. It disables the arrow after you click the first continue button (I believe), but as you say the exit is still perfectly usable straight after recruiting, and prior to checking the scroll again.

As for fixing it...said key could be placed when recruiting creatures, or remove said key, and have the exit locked (after entering first) and give the exit key when the quest page says to deal with the threats.

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exactly (the removal of the arrow untill continue is pressed twice)
I know that it's not a major bug as some exploits, and perhaps not as important to be solved asap, but I thought it would be good to let you guys know about it... anyway, that's about it, this thread has served it's purpose (ie, you mods now know) so I guess it can be closed, unless you see it fit to remain open

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