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Upload avatar page not showing everything


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I encountered a bug with the upload avatar page.
Basically, the iframe that is loaded into the page is a bit too short and cuts off the lower part of the page.
In the screenshot below it cuts through the submitted avatars for example.
What sort of made this an issue for me was the combination of pending avatars and a denied box. The text to see the denied reason as well as the button to remove it are both cut off.

The issue seems to be with the Iframe. It has a height property of 1400px, which is more then sufficient. However, in that same iframe tag an inline css style is added. And that style has a height property of only 897, which is the length at which my page is being cut off.

<iframe height="1400" width="490" ...... style="overflow: auto; background-color: transparent;height: 897px; ........</iframe>

I am not too bothered with the bug myself, but mostly cause I know how to get around it.


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You sure you waitied for page to refresh? Otherwise I'm sure, if you sent this to any LHO's that they would ask you to clean cache and cookies.

Do that because I see my complete page of Upload Avatars, which can mean it can be related to your browser/cache/cookies.

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Normally the inner page will update the outer and change the size of the page respectively, a good example is the creature page that is noticibly too small until the creatures load and it gets bigger

As with all bugs, reload, clear cache, wait a bit and see if it works

If its still like it, it's possibly a browser issue

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I know that that works, but if your screen is not maxed, it will do nothing to solve it.
Basically it seems to take your current screen height, pass it as an argument for the style and that height will cut off whatever the Iframe might need, all the overflow suddenly hidden.
[/CODE] is one of the javascript lines that causes this.
In short, if your screen is big enough, you can see it. If you use a small laptop, it probably will do nothing to help.
The height is determined by your screen height, which overrules the iframe property height. And overflow doesn't really work for iframes, so it won't show any neat scrollbars for the iframe.

But as I said, it's not a big issue for me I guess.

It sort of does this for me on firefox as well, on 3 different systems. But it's fine, I can just edit the size and make them appear anyways, it's only css afterall.

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