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Bug or Abuse?


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I'm sure that today in GG at Drachorn's Lair ([b]Coord:[/b] 1_-4x-3_1)there was 8/25 herbs.... I saw that Eon went there for collect them and I found a think really strange... after that he collected 2 times the herbs therewas 4 herbs so every use of herbs basket let hi collect 2 herbs... after I used 2 timesthe herbs basket and collected 2 herbs... so there was 2 herbs again there... eon used another time the item and he collected 2 herbs... I don't think he is abusing of something but I think there is a bug with green phrases...

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[quote name='Menhir' timestamp='1346758525' post='121409']
@Eon could you tell us the hight of the herbalism stat when it started to double please?

Kind regards

That is a spoiler. And that is the reason Alyon's post was hidden (Eon edited his).

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