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I wish to offer my services.


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I am offering my services to those who are in need.

I am looking to be a secretary, or messenger of sorts. I do have prior MD experience and am willing to do what is necessary to be of help.

My past experience was that of first helping Mur with christmas presents. My second was also tied to Mur, as a head TK.

My services can be public, or discreet, it is your choice.
I can also pretty much follow instructions on the dot [permitting real life allows me to do so.]

I am also flexible with what needs to be done and do my best to communicate before and after in regards to the job.

Please message me in game, forum, or reply here if you need help.

Edit: There need not be any reward for my work, I just like to help.public, or discreet, it is your choice.
Let me know if any questions arise.

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Yup. You caught me, I'm human.

And you know, I am prolly a little bit bipolar, and certainly depressed. I don't take medication for it, so I try living with it as best I can. You gonna use that to defame my name, as well? And while we're add it, why not add on the fact that I live with a sociopathic father now, and feel pretty much get to deal with the wrath of his anger, which puts on stress to me.

Oh wait... you never knew any of this because I'm just a big bad bitch. A big bad bitch who just likes to bitch and throw temper tantrums because sometimes she gets these stupid little triggers from living in a stupid little dysfunctional home...

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Now now Curiose. Please calm down. Dont sucomb to his trolling. Just ignore him and do your best to keep on topic here. If I find that I need help with anything I will be more than happy to message you for assistance. Also if you would just like to discuss things with me feel free to send me a pm. I will be more than happy to talk things over with you.

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