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Ceremony for the dead


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At first I thought just the folks in MD. however, if people want to extend it to those they know in real life, they are more than welcome to.

I've done some thinking and I have drawn up some other plans for the festival thingy, party of sorts. I would like it to be in MDA, so as to lower viscocity for one, and two, I'm planning to hopefully prepare a ceremony to honor our fallen ones in the gazebo of silence.

My hopes were to see if a priest/priestess from the old COtE wouldn't mind doing a ceremony, and or partaking with necrovian peoples. If I am unable to get COtE involved, would Necrovian be willing to do one by their self?

As for quests and what not, I'm not a good quest maker. I just like thinking of fun things to do. : p

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I can hold items indeed, transfer them and use them. If needed to be moved though I would need one of my people to tug on my leash to bring me anywhere.

I do wish to assist. I want to speak of life and death to the people, I would share stories as well.

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What do you think about a ceremony during Samhain (also called Dia de los muertos, or Halloween), which is the Sabbat marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of the winter freeze. It's the time of year most associated with death in cultures where people depend on stored food to survive the winter.

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The old CoE? In case there are doubts, the CoE is very much alive - though in shadows. Some of the faces have changed, and some have been lost (because of those who decided to throw away our badges), and our form has shifted somewhat - our defining edges somewhat obscured (darkness does have that effect, no?)

But Curi, I would love to discuss having a member of the CoE clergy perform a ritual (and certainly in collaboration with Necrovions) in-game.

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Thank you.

I do like that idea, Rumi. I was thinking so, but I worry about my availability on that specific date.

Would you two [POE, and Peace] mind meeting me in game some time, per chance? That waywe can talk in real time or so and I don't have to relay messages and get myself confused?: p

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