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Quest: Draw your perception of Tom Pouce

Tom Pouce

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Quest: Draw your perception of Tom Pouce

It can be humoristic, it can be caustic, it can be realistic .. your choice

Its not the best looking drawing , but the one I will find more interesting, so even if your not an professionnal artist you have your chances to win.


- draw and scan and post (if yu dont have a scanner, you can try to take a photo of yur drawing)
- [color=#ff0000]or [/color]draw directly in a picture software and post (no copy and paste allow)

- you can add one sentence in you drawing if you want to title or it be part of the drawing
- Submissions should be posted in this thread, by using an online host such as Picasa or Tinypic
- put link of adress of pictur here in forum

Prize: 1 send to GoE spell stone


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Ill be candid

Its my first personnal quest, i was hoping to get many summissions quickly ...

Thanks to Treasure Keepers, and Falronn in supporting this quest in adding to prize

I had not tought of deadline yeat.

Since many quests are going with halloween for deadline and have people busy, ill wait 9 november to set either a deadline or cancel this quest

It will depend mainlay if i have got some summission or posting of intent to participate or not in mean time.

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Ok, so for me, Tom Pouce instantly reminds me of a dutch pastry. It's delicious. ANd your face tends to end up covered in whipped cream.
It also reminded me of Tom Poes (Tom Cat) whom is a comic book character from my youth. He and a bear, Olivier O Bommel find a little dragon. But then things go bad and the sweet dragon turns into a vicious beast! But fear not, in the end it all ends well.

Anyways, from there on I just scribbled, followed instincts.

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