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Research Points

The 7th Scroll

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With those points you can learn about the history and background of certain things. You might have notice that there's a link that says 'Research and connections' under all the scene titles, if you click it, you can see the clues stored in this particular location (they are still mostly empty, you'll find some scene with clues around the aramory, for example).
After you have activated your ability to read those clues, you can spend your points on them. To get that ability, you need to find and fulfill some achievements. [Shh, i hear there are some in the east lands, but that's a secret, okay? ;)]

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There is not yet a team checking the research notes. They should've started checking them at the end of last year (please tell me it was last year) but you know what happens with long term projects in MD.

As for travelling the East, 40 days is required, 80 days is highly recommended, preferably even some more because exploring it will take several days.

And on a side note, welcome back to MD, it's always good to see people return.

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umm please do not speak on my behalf.

I have not stoped playing.
I have a new family (dauther) and my time is short.
In most cases i do reply to players on PM.

As for my support for the Research stuff
I still want it and have asked about it from time to time.
It should have been in place some time ago and seems it still has not been done.

NOTE: i am not on any team for research and do not have access to anyones submitted research.
I know it is frustrating to wait for a team to be put in place and i truly wish i could help you all
but sending me messages wount make it get done quicker.

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