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Necrovian items, tools and resources.


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Some rules in regard to Necrovian shared items, tools and resources.

[b][size=5]Necrovian items, tools and resources[/size][/b][size=5].[/size]

[b]- Anyone able to, can take Necrovion's shared tools or items and use them.[/b]

[b]- Anyone can harvest resources in Necrovion. But do not reduce them below half of the maximum in a location [/b](rounded up in case of and uneven maximum)[b]. Locations with a maximum of 1 resource can be harvested to 0.[/b]

If need be, these rules will be enforced.

[size=2]reason for edit: An agreement with Golemus was reached[/size]

Edited by Azull
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Please read the rule. Golemites are allowed to harvest memory stones after receiving permission.
Golemus charges rent for certain tools to any non Golemite that wishes to use one. Memory stone detectors they refuse to lend out at all.
As to relations. I suggest you study history. (ancient, and not so ancient as well)

Edited by Azull
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[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1352805211' post='125500']
Ah, okay...

EDIT : Why the neg rep? What's so bad in asking stuff?

If it bothers you, perhaps you should ask your friends a question, then if they fail to answer, thats when you ask. But many older players dislike newer players asking questions when the answer is right there...

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