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In game dreams


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I am on my phone and it won't let me link to the other thread so if someone could do that for me it'd be much appreciated.

My brain can't stop poking at me, and so now I poke all of md. In the previous discussion it was saved that dreams include personal information like fear and what not... And that people spying on them get to see that which causes hubbub. Well, another point I would like to make is this : if ou have a "character" why in the bloody hell are you using personal information any way?

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive]By personal information you mean OOC personal information discussed in an in-game dream? Who has this happened to? If the way I worded something was confusing, please know that the previous discussion/argument/squabble was centered around in-game activity and in-game character interactions.[/font]

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