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[color=#008080][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]It's exciting to see the citizenship available again. For those wishing to join Loreroot and not being able to talk to people while they're awake, I've set up this topic for you to leave a short "About me". This way time zones won't be as big of an issue. As always, you should try to talk to people in game to keep the experience within game.[/font][/color]

[color=#008080]An issue has been made apparent concerning voting and illusions. If you are under illusion when your vote ends in favor of citizenship, [/color][color=#ff0000][b]you will lose the citizenship[/b][/color][color=#008080] when the illusion ends.[/color]

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[quote name='SageWoman' timestamp='1360590707' post='132457']
Today is day 41 of the year 8 our our Dear Mur. I have received 15 out of 24 votes for Citizenship. For those of you who have voted, thank you. If you have not realized there was voting going on, please go to the Capital and cast your vote.

Thank You!

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]If all those are positive, you're already in :)[/color][/font]

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Hello dear citizens of Loreroot,

Many of you know me already.I would very much like to become a citizen too en have therefore applied for citizenship. I am a tree after all, where else could I live better than in Loreroot, between my relatives?

I really hope you will vote for me!

Summer breeze

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hello citizens of Loreroot!

I recently returned to MD after a few years of absence and when i saw that you now have the option to join one of the lands as it's citizen i decided to make an aplication to Loreroot. I decided for loreroot because of ti's conection with nature (i like the "druidic" mindset) and because i thought that it's... well the best (most likeable) nation out of those currently available. i spoke with 2 or 3 of you via PM but if anyone else would like to know more about me feel free to ask (in game or on the forums). I will (if you accept me) help other Lorerootians in any way i can (though it might take a little time for me to remmember exactly how everything works  :)) ). I've got no idea what else to say so if there is anything else you feel i should tell here just say it and i'll add the info.



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Hello gonzalocsdf and powle,


Summer breeze giggles.That can become cosy! I asked Shemhazaj too already to teach me the ways of the druids. I am looking forward to the conversations with him and powle. That is why I voted for him.


I hope to see you soon in Loreroot powle.


Summer breeze

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Hi! I have applied to be a citizen. :) I once was apart of the CoE and have recently awakened. I would love to come back to LR to play and begin my adventures again. If there is anyway I can further the cause of LR, please let me know!



StrongWilled Legna

Child of Time

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Hello, I have returned after a prolonged absence. I have been a member of the Root before, and for now, I wish only to be a citizen again. Memories from times long past still tie me to this place, and I would genuinely like to see the people that made MD enjoyable for me in the beginning once more.

I leave my fate in your hands, Lorerootians.




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Yes, I was in the SI. However, the fact that dst kicked me because "I no longer fit the purpose of the alliance" would suggest that I wasn't her minion in the first place.

Indeed. You were just a puppet I used and then disposed when I was done with you.

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Hello, I would like to join Guardians Of The Root because I think joining an alliance would make me advance more in the game. I've always been alone and walking in circles, but being in a group I could be better. I don't show here very often, but I'm going to do what I can, to be helpful (sorry if my grammar is not very good) ^_^ 

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Ah, right, hello everyone, hope this is the correct place, apologies if not.


To all Lorerootians, I would ask that you kindly consider, and accept, my application to join your land. When first Valoryn took me around MD, during my first few months, he had found me wandering in LR, teleported by someone whose name I forget. I really don't recommend the teleporting thing, made me spill my tea, and ended up head over heels *shudders*.  Anyway, we wandered around LR, taking tea and cakes, and I found the land to be the most homely and familiar to me. It was my hope to be invited, but such an invite was never forthcoming, so I followed Blackshade, whose apprentice I am, into GG.


For some reason, that I am not clear on, I was ejected from GG, which leaves me free and stateless. This is somewhat of a boon, as I am now free, and more expereineced, to request joining Loreoot, which is where I always felt I belonged.


As for an Alliance, I really need to join one as I need loyalty, but will need advice as to which i should join, should my citizenship request be accepted.


Um, well thanks anyway, and hope to join you all soon.

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