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New skill for using recipes

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As there seems to be a trend for adding new recipes , why not create a skill for using them.
I think that name like : chef - cooking / warlock - sorcery (as it is related to mixing stuff) / alchemy / druggist / crafting

Do consider to take all recipes together so that there will not be 100 types of skills.

Also, the skill points should be given to both participants that used the recipe.

As skill points, i think there should be about : ( 0.5 * number of items used for recipe) * 1/100
It might be a small number ... I think.

Example: for 5 items used, that makes 2.5 * 0.01 = 0.025 skill points for each ritual.

(can there be more then 2 participants to a recipe ? )

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What do you see as a use for this skill?

A small % chance to create an extra item for each execution of the recipe?
Some benefit to using the item itself (you've brewed oodles of tea so you know how to drink it such that its effect lasts a couple minutes longer..)?
An 'improved' version of the product (sturdy and/or very clear glass rather than plain raw glass)?

Maybe some of those are excessive, but any purpose helps toward implementation.

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  • Root Admin

so where does this fit in with the new armour thingy? I dont think one skill fits in with all the possible recipe types.

max(ingredient types) + 1(guy holding recipe) can make the cake, maybe even max(ingredient number) + 1 if they dont have enough of each ingredient

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I want this skill just like the other ones, to provide a chance for extra items. Nothing more.

I agree and I tried to state that it cannot fit with all current & future formulas but then we/I don't want 1000 types of skills for 1000 recipes.

But if you find a way to split all future formulas into 2-3types only (or any other limited number), then feel free to add the categories.

All I want is that the actions and work to be recorded and recognized as it is not something easy.
Also, placing stats on only the one holding the recipe will withheld ppl from joining on random recipes and will / might trigger another type of GGG.

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