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So, first we had a council, and then now we have an anonymous bug testers council thingy?

Do they just work with bugs, or are they a split off from the council, being the council, but more spoecialized to be bug testers/fixers?

I ask because of the recent fang jailing. I just want an idea of who does what. If there is a thread with this information, it would be much obliged.

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The council is still doing the same as before, but unlike Mur himself, they aren't coders. The bugs guy does the parts that require code to be changed or added, and does a lot of 'talking for council' in game, simply because he knows the timelines and decisions before we do as he needs to implement them.

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[color=#000000][quote]we did the jailing and removal of stolen property.[/color]

[color=#000000]Since we were in charge of the investigation we replied to the points of the creatures being his. We are merely stating the facts we have used to determine who should own the creatures. We also further replied to his accusation that we broke the stones akin to him doing it previous.[/color]

[color=#000000]We are different from the council as they make the rules, for now we code MD.[/color]

[color=#000000]Further questions can be emailed to us[/quote][/color]


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