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Underwear ....goes Epic !


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As the new yr count down has started here me and my friends have organized the Underwear party ho yeah for boz but the gals r keeping their way of celebration as secret ..they say they want to surprise ...but i little do they know that i have spies in their group..so soon i shall be updated hehe...

so here we go if u wear
Black - u will play with death in the coming yr.
white - u will encounter ghost " "
brown - u will be a sh**
Red - kill ..u just Overkill
Pink - ur love story will finally have happy ending.
Violet - u will have a bird poo on ur head something like that.
i forgot the rest ...

U can even wear a combination of colors too.

So good luck guys, wear ur underwear carefully ....don't underestimate its power hehe.

And happy new yr and have a blast in ur new yr party enjoy Yay.....

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1356965917' post='129359']
And what if you don't wear any?

U get Owned hehe. Yep actually one of my friend did came without wearing underwear so he was made the joker as per the new rules. Joker in our party means like u r going face ur worst nightmares hehe. So he was made to do frog jumps, Mojo jojo monkey dance, SS March with a piggy tail attached, Then his enemies will get a chance to paint his face and finally he has to do bottoms up the sewer cocktail, a combinations of all liquids including grease, that was gross hehe.

The actually the above was a trap for me as most of my friends knew that i don't wear underwear usually. So when i read my SMS that morning my instinct said something is not right, normally there used to be a warnings for breaking the Gang rules hehe. So i did wear a multicolor underwear. I pained my underwear will all the color i saw in the paint store hehe. So i got all good + bad lucks in 2013. so i escaped their assault, but next day i got Itching problems hehe.

[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1356966387' post='129360']
[quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1356965765' post='129357']
Black - u will play with death in the coming yr.

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Really? Aww... I'm touched![/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I don't play with nice people though, but the meanies are gonna "love" it... [/color][/font]
haha Fake demon i though u were different from others but i guess u r just the same as many humans who wants to celebrate birthdays every yr but does not want to think about their deathday hehe.
U see many people doesn't want war cos to go to war means to bring pain.
The vast majority people will avoid pain for any reason, They want to live a painless, deathless life but what they don't get is LIFE means wagging a WAR. Pain can't be avoided so the death too.....hehe.

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