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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]This is impossible ;)[/color][/font]


Location viscosity is -80, but "influenced by viscosity" is -82?

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[quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1357556182' post='129889']
[color=#808080][i]for me it says:[/i][/color]

[color=#808080][i][heat raise] Heat [b]raised by 80[/b], influenced by viscosity (-80) and land (outland x0.00) [/i][/color]

[color=#808080][i]same location, pretty much same time.[/i][/color]

Happens most of the time for me too, just this once I got -82.

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[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1357565184' post='129894']
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Just a question... do you actually get heat raised by 82?[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Or does it just show 82 but actually is 80?[/color][/font]

go test.

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