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Leo Valentine's Garden

Hedge Munos

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[log=Day 19, Year 8]: Leo Valentine looks around
: Leo Valentine walks over to his plot
: Leo Valentine steps over the rope fence
: Leo Valentine glances around the plot
: Leo Valentine picks up a biggish rock and moves it outside of the plot
: Leo Valentine picks up the shovel
: Leo Valentine moves over to the bottom right of the plot
: Leo Valentine pushes the shovel into the ground, in average sized squares
: Leo Valentine picks up the square of grass with the shovel and moves it just outside of the plot
Leo Valentine does this twice more
: Leo Valentine removes his leather vest and lays it over a post
: Leo Valentine resumes the pattern until a row is finished
: Leo Valentine wipes the sweat from his brow
: Leo Valentine pauses and leans against the shovel, watching the birds
: Leo Valentine begins on the second row
: Leo Valentine finishes the second row and rakes a hand through his hair
: Leo Valentine takes a music player out of his pocket and puts headphones on
: Leo Valentine blasts some AC/DC
: Leo Valentine starts on the third row
: Leo Valentine finishes and winces at the blisters on his hands
: Leo Valentine searches his backpack
: Leo Valentine rips off some material from a spare shirt and wraps his hands
: Leo Valentine resumes uprooting the grass in the fourth row
: Leo Valentine finishes with the fourth row and moves back to his backpack
: Leo Valentine pulls out a waterskin
: Leo Valentine drinks a third of the water and returns it to his bag
: Rumi opens his eyes
: Leo Valentine begins on the fifth row
: Rumi inhales deeply
: Rumi exhales slowly
: Rumi listens
: Leo Valentine looks up and notices Rumi
: Leo Valentine pulls the headphones down around his neck
Leo Valentine: Morning
: Rumi sees Leo Valentine working his garden and smiles
Rumi: Hey there
Leo Valentine: Sorry if I disturbed your sleep
Rumi: Do you know we're having a work party Saturday, Feb 2?
Rumi: We are going to build a toolshed
Rumi: *points to the top of the hill* right up there
: Leo Valentine follows his finger to the hill
Leo Valentine: I'll try to make it
: Leo Valentine wipes his hands off on a bandana
Rumi: Enjoy your gardening. I'm going for a walk.
: Rumi smiles
: Rumi stands
: Rumi walks down to the road
Leo Valentine: *nods* Have a good one
: Rumi departs to the east
: Leo Valentine pulls his headphones back on and picks up the shovel
: Leo Valentine hums as he resumes working on the fifth row
: Leo Valentine finishes with the fifth row and changes the tune to 'Footloose'
: Leo Valentine grins and begins to dance
: Leo Valentine strums the shovel like a guitar
: Leo Valentine continues to dance until the end of the song
: Leo Valentine coughs and begins to uproot the grass in row six
: Leo Valentine retrieves the waterskin and drinks another third of it
: Leo Valentine resumes working on row six
: Leo Valentine finishes and works on the last row
: Leo Valentine catches his breath then resumes working on row seven
: Leo Valentine finishes and looks at the rough work
Leo Valentine: Well, it'll have to do.
: Leo Valentine drains the waterskin and returns it to his bag
: Leo Valentine stuffs his leather vest in the bag as well
: Leo Valentine takes out his stele and draws a rune into the dirt, trying his best to center it
: Leo Valentine returns the stele to his belt and wipes off his hands on his bandana
: Leo Valentine tosses it into his bag and pulls it onto his shoulder
Leo Valentine: See you for now *pulls the headphones back up to his ears and steps over the rope*
: Leo Valentine picks up the shovel and walks down the path[/log]

Today I uprooted the grass in my plot. Might've gotten carried away with the dancing.

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[log=Day 21, Year 8]
: Leo Valentine walks over to his plot
: Leo Valentine steps over the rope
Leo Valentine: Hmm
: Leo Valentine pulls some weeds and puts them in a pouch
: Leo Valentine walks away
: Leo Valentine returns to his plot
: Leo Valentine sits and leans against a rock
: Leo Valentine takes out a piece of paper and a pencil
: Leo Valentine begins to draw

[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5849"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=5849[/url] - Sorry about the size of the image, but if you zoom out all is well.

Today I drew an outline of my plot. It might be a bit too big for a plot, I will have to check with Rumi. But there are my current thoughts for the time being. As for the black roses, I will have to hunt down some way to grow those.

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I planted some curious seeds I found with Eara Meraia in the Archives. We shall see how they grow.

[log=Day 28, Year 8]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine walks to the last row of his plot[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine uses a trowel to dig small holes along the row[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine opens a pouch and spreads the seeds throughout the holes[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine goes to each hole, covering them back up[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine steps back[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine waters the row[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine wipes his hands off on his bandana[/i][/color]

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[log=Day 31, Year 8]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine walks over to his plot[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine steps over the rope[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine waters the row hiding seeds[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine looks at it thoughtfully[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color="#305681"][i]Leo Valentine picks up his bag and walks back to the large rock in the plot and sits down, leaning against it[/i][/color]

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