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Small quest or it could be my imagination either way rewards await the person with the best random guessing skills.

i was strollin through way of cleansing when i bumped to an absurd road sign like this.


it is ridicilous,but real issue is i don't like ugly signs around,pointing the way when every Necrovian is able to find her way easily enough,and these were all over the place.Whoever put them it was mission accomplished,I'm annoyed.To find who did it I searched for clues but nothing came up so..I asked the unknown entity for the name of the culprit,SS gave me this poem below proving it took me seriously as Little as total amount of his stats :D it also has a sense of humor.So I ask you to help me to find him/her while we are busy preparing the punishment.

hint:apparently 3 names below starting from highest,has their 4,1 and more than 4 letters in the name of person i'm talking about.So find me the prankster.
Also this person owns only 1 creature.

[b]reward[/b].first one to pm right answer can pick any item from ignnus' inventory.(not the rare items but resources,stones,gold coins etc..)
bonus:if this person is on your friendlist or you can beat him/her combat,take an SS so you can pick another item.

taking only one guess from each person.Could be anyone new or old,active or not,alt or main.Send a pm,do not spam the forum.

I am Bored

i love somebody but who?
totally sweet eyes of a kangoroo
sun of md shines brightly
nightly we search for gaze boo

oooo'Apophys what have you done?
thou art consumed now taste thou death
doh..only Remerson like your seth
ra pierceth thy head :D

a wise man would look at this poem
gawd it does not make sense he won't know em
u must look for the clues
among the names of those dudes
look at the first letters :D

edit:duplicate letters count too,for example a's in grasan counts as 2 even if the pranskter has only 1 a such as in dark but not the other way around.letters count only when in the names other than prankster.

Edited by ignnus
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The answer to this was mini jester so no winners.(very) honorable mention goes to Dark demon for going the other way around and finding the answer innocence.Though he should have known better that I would never make my quest the word innocence not even if the hell froze and the movie waterworld got box office hit all around the world or if the world flopped inside out and there was lava rivers and stuff and you flower waters on reverse gravity..wait..I could do that so lemme give you extra pickle when i see you DD.

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