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MD B-day "Card"

Sephirah Caelum

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Hello all,

so as the title says in this quest you have 8 days to do a card with message or a movie or sing/play a song or whatever your imagination allow you to do, to celebrate this world called Magic Duel. Be creative!

For now the winners will be divided into:[list]
[*]The Best Handmade Card;
[*]The Best Message and;
[*]The Most Creative Card (for all the others that are not handmade).
If there is a lot of participants and your imagination run wild I may unfold The Most Creative Card into something that better fits the inscriptions.

So, you can send the maximum of 3 cards or whatever your imagination allow you to do until the last day of MD festivities.

Any questions?

[b]Edit 01: Quest extended until next friday (05 days extention)![/b]

[color=#ff0000][b]Edit 02: Results, as annouced by the Master of Ceremonies:[/b][/color]
[*]The Best Handmade Card: [b][color=#ff0000]dst[/color][/b]
[*]The Best Message and: [b][color=#ff0000]dst [/color][/b]and[b][color=#FF0000] dark raptor[/color][/b]
[*]The Most Creative Card: [color=#ff0000][b]Eagle Eye[/b][/color]

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My Original Version:

My Coloring Attempt:

Happy Aniversary MD!!

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My entry:


And the inside writing (hope you'll understand my hand writing - after several years of typing I lost my...skills):


If needed, I can write here what i've written inside the card.

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