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Riddle me this,

Metal Bunny

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Below is a list of the riddles.

In bold are unsolved.

1. Example ’What am I?’ riddle –By me

2. 1st ’What am I?’ riddle – By me

3. 2nd ’What am I?’ riddle – By me

4. 3rd ’What am I?’ riddle – By me

5. 4th ’What am I?’ riddle – By me

6. The buttons and the lightbulb riddle – By me

7. The dead man in the field riddle – By me

8. The prisoners and the three crowns riddle – By 5acos(phi/2)

9. The television game show riddle – By 5acos(phi/2)

10. The 10 numbers riddle – By 5acos(phi/2)

11. The room with a door to life and death riddle – By Grido

12. The train riddle from hell – By me

13. 5th ’What am I?’ riddle – By 5acos(phi/2)

14. The cube and the box riddle – By phlegmtheorem

15. The man, his wife and her death riddle – By phlegmtheorem

16. The fake coin and scales riddle and her 2 other variants – By 5acos(phi/2)

17. 6th ’What am I?’ riddle – By tobajas

18. 7th ’What am I?’ riddle – By tobajas

19. 8th ’What am I?’ riddle – By tobajas

20. The 5 pointed star riddle – By phlegmtheorem

21. The 100 coins riddle – By 5acos(phi/2)

22. The epic Einstein riddle – By phlegmtheorem

23. The $50 bill riddle – By phlegmtheorem

24. The bottle, coin and cork riddle – By me

25. The jars filled with marbles riddle – By me

26. The awesome human devouring bunny island – By me

27. 9th ’What am I?’ riddle – By me

28. 10th ’What am I?’ riddle – By me

29. Big Ben Bells riddle – By Grido

30. 11th ’What am I?’ riddle – By 5acos(phi/2)

31. Unusual paragraph riddle (Which I didn’t see and posted as well sleep.gif) – By 5acos(phi/2)

32. 3 Boxes 2 marbles riddle – By Rendril

33. Poker hands riddle – By Rendril

34. What gets wetter the more it dries? (It’s the actual riddle…) – By me

35. 100 Pirates and 100 gold pieces riddle – By Eldrad

36. 12th ’What am I?’ riddle – Rendril

37. Awesomeness condom riddle – By me

38. 13th ’What am I?’ riddle – By Morgana Le Fey

39. ‘42’ riddle – By Grido

40. Lame kitten king and cool glorious awesomeness bunny riddle – By me

***Now comes the original post***

If it it's ok with all the moderators and other people here, I would like to start a topic concerning riddles, because I like them :P.

You know what really is great? I wanted to start handing out losses to the winner who first posted the correct answer, but, that wouldn't be fair to the mp4 and mp3 players. So I guess I'll just start with an example and an easy riddle of my own making (so there is no way you can cheat via wiki or such)


When set loose I fly away,

Never so cursed as when I go astray.

What am I?

The answer is:


(select with your mouse over it so you can see the answer, I typed it in a spoiler bar, so honest people could still try)

Beware though, this is a riddle that is quite well known.

Now my own riddle :P

The fatter I am, the longer I live

The longer I am, the more I shall give

Wind is my sustenance, like air, my food

But given to much, and I'll be in a foul, foul mood

What am I?

I' ll give the answer in a couple of days, or when someone has guessed the right answer.

Again, remove this topic if you don't want it. It's just for fun :P

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i was going to say that as well, but i wasnt sure how the wind bit fitted with that answer

--Bunny, cos i'm one of 'those' people, the 'to' in 'when given to much' should be 'too', i think so anyway.

**Edit. i get what it means now :P**

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It's not a tree :D.

And no that is not correct black scyther, i'm sorry :P


is food for


. My food is of a different kind. Air does not feed


, they just move them around. :P

Very nice try though.

A hint, if you want it.

It says sustenance first, and that may mean !more! objects. Food for clouds is rain, but that rain has to be able to go up into the sky.

I'm not going further into that subject, or else you might guess it to early :P.

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dst came closest, for now. The reason why it's not a


, is because of the last sentence.

When there is to much air, the fire goes out, which means the fire is dead, not in a foul mood. This is a big hint and I do expect you to get it right this time :) If you still don't get it, there is a link between the 2nd and the last sentence.


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is it a candle?

Sorry black scythe, he's right.

Fire is just a chemical reaction, but can be seen as all consuming (try breathing near a flame :)) I mean it's still a riddle, so most things were done in a metaphore.

If someone doesn't understand how one or more sentences are linked to the candle I'd be happy to explain. :)

If anyone wants I could post another riddle, but remember this was just an easy one :P (even though it took you 2 days :). (according to my standards, which are high... :(

**Edit** Added spoiler bars, in case anyone still wants to guess the correct answer to the riddle.

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I have another one/two. One of mine and one classical one :)

Some of you may know the classical one, so here it is:

The rich need me.

The poor have me.

If I am to be eaten a lot,

Then he in time, shall surely rot.

What am I?

Here's mine :)

Hear me child for what I am.

I am as cold as day and night.

I have lived in what I am.

Near my kin and we'll give flight.

Good luck with this one :)

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What? Didn't I tell you they'd get harder? :), you can always go for the one I didn't come up with :)

Besides it's on the forum and for a multitude of people, so you can all work together for days to come :)

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The answer for the first one:


For the second one, I have no ideea :)

From chewett: Spoiler tags on all answers please

From No one: first teach me how to do that :)

LE: I found out by myself.

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