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MP4 Vs MP5


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Well well well...over the years there was this debate of which Mind power is best...in the MD
Some say MP3 some MP5
but now Finally it has been solved

yes on Server time: Apr 28 15:51:24 ~ Day: 117 Year: 8 ~ this debate raged on at GOE chat

On one hand [b]Eara Meraia and Lord Tipu routed for MP4[/b]
[b]Dan PlanewaIker routed for[/b][b] MP3 [/b]
[b]and NOone dst and Chewy roared for MP5 [/b]hehe

And as usual it was all talking so i decided to put an end to this argument

Chewy called me as Weak ...So i challenged him to come MP4 lvl
Surprisingly he did it and so first he attacked me ...and he lost to my tree def ritual AAhahaha
He was using his dragons and morphs my my....iam disappointed. Well he is good to give excuse " that cos' of my large ve ...my dragons r weak blah blah blah "

After getting humiliated in front of all, he then challenged me to attack him and i accepted it and guess what he lost again hehe

Not sure why the battle log of chewy attacking me got vanished uhm...never the less he has confused his shame in front of all who present at GOE hehe.

Now u all know which Mind power is Best hehe...

Chewy u might be the most powerful player in this realm...u may have powerful friends, Spells and what not but..
Don't underestimate me ...
There is a good reason why people call me the LOrd ...Lord TIPU


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