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Leash bug: drag fails if trail is visible

No one

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I tried to use the leash on my helper DD and it failed.


First message that appeared in the trigger box is : Duplicate entry '1_-1x1_1-241314' for key 'PRIMARY' 


After the second use, I found in chat : : Dark Demon was dragged by No one

But DD was not there (1_-1x1_1).


Also, as checked with locate spell, he was not in the required location at the time of the spell :


Locating DARK DEMON ...
On 21/05/13 14:34:25 was at 1_-4x1_1
On 21/05/13 14:34:49 was at 1_-5x1_1
On 21/05/13 14:35:06 was at 1_-5x2_2
On 21/05/13 14:35:17 was at 1_-5x2_1
On 21/05/13 14:35:24 was at 1_-4x2_1
On 21/05/13 14:35:35 was at 1_-3x2_1
On 21/05/13 14:37:16 was at 1_-3x3_1
On 21/05/13 14:37:20 was at 1_-3x4_1
On 21/05/13 14:37:34 was at 1_-4x4_1
On 21/05/13 14:37:42 was at 1_-4x3_1
On 21/05/13 14:37:51 was at 1_-5x3_1
On 21/05/13 14:37:58 was at 1_-5x4_1
On 21/05/13 14:58:40 was at 1_-5x4_2 --- Last known location!




Note: the attempt to drag was at about 14:50.

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  • Root Admin

This has been resolved. Its actually a display issue, and as soon as DD reloaded he would have appeared in the correct scene.


I have also fixed a number of other places where this would occur, so that it works properly and nicely. But there are still more places that i havent had time to find/check/fix, So if this happens to other places please say.

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