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The Equipment Puzzle

Ackshan Bemunah

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none of them do anything..they were supposed to do somethign one day (like many other things)


"discovered properties" - my intention was to give some sort of progress path for those items with properties (abilities) based on users personal stats. For example a certain weapon, used by someone with over x attack, causes a spell to be triggered each fight.



can't remember what that is exactly, i can only think that the effects of the equipment were supposed to be altered by its integrity


"damage" "integrity"

with each fight items were supposed to get some damage, and eventually when damage gets zero you lose them, and you need to aquire new ones...or repair them in time, that was the plan 8 years ago



I really can't remember what this is about


Now the focus is on inventory items instead of equipement, however, at some point items will collide with equipment. Basically equipment items will be also inventory items. There are other hidden things in the equipment section, like the gems part. The interface has the needed things to display equipment enhanced by gems..i think they are called slots. At that time there was no way to have these enhancing items because there was no personal inventory other than the equipement one. You need to understand that in my mind md is a very long term project and some branches look deserted till they collide somehow with other branches and re-establish their oneness so to say.


However some things changed in my view of md since back then.. i wish it to be more player orientated, giving more ability to someone to change things rather than discover them. Some branches are set back too much, for example equipement , at this point, should already be integrated with items and the item image upload to allow someone to create its own equipment and display it on the little tiny figure. As it is now, there is an unfair "competition" between avatars and equipement when it comes to display/interface. I prefered to focus more on the items and rush things a bit in that direction because they are needed to complete other branches as well. Chew will be mad on me (is already probably) but from my point of view i think its better i do the the things that alter md in concept, even if i leave them unfished , the solutions are there to be found. If i focus on clsing existing branches and "complete" them, the plan for their future integration with the rest of md will be lost.


new things i don't remember that much, old things apparently are very fresh in my mind sometimes..seeing md as one single thing and not a pile of features, is one of them.

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