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Hard 'N Phirm- Not Illegal


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The catch-all:

"We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic."

If this were enforced more often, it could get invasive, but that doesn't seem to be much of a problem here.



Pissing off your boss isn't illegal, and neither is pissing off people on the forum. But it seems like some people do the latter for sport—they gain their pleasure by siphoning off that of others, daimon/elemental-like.

If you decide to target "strong" or "random", fine. Fight the system or rebel without a cause, fine by me.

It's when you go for "weak" or "dying" that I'd draw the line.

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Thanks, guys. Been wanting to vent that way for a while.


..Not to derail this topic even more, but one of the nice aspects of a transparent reputation system is that you can express your opinion of a post without obligating the poster to respond on the topic.


To make up for veering offtopic: those of you who for whatever reason don't want to watch the video can listen to the audio, which does not relate to ponies.

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