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No copy / paste chat


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translation is a real point. noted.


i will be waiting for more opinions too.


At this point i see little reason to limit chat copy/paste.. its an unwanted side-effect of this change, i could add a copy chat button, a paste one, things could be worked around, but before any decision i want to hear more opinions why copy/paste/right click is impairing your gameplay

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Although I've logged a huge amount of text in MD so far, I always thought it was a little strange to be able to do so. Not being able to copy and paste chat seems more naturalistic, since we're not all running around with sound recorders or scribbling everything everyone says into a notebook.


If we end up not being able to copy chat, acousticremains (which does make sense in-world since it's a spell) would probably become more sought after..

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- dna is not so relevant right now to be copied,

- yes we don't run around with soundrecorders :)

- why would you copy general profile


question: how does it feel in general, is it ok, is it too annoying, cant determine yet, etc

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