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[WP quest] Make your own role


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Make your own role:

So I got inspired by this topic from Mur:

Not to write mean things about him, but by some posts people made in the topic. It's being said that he favours certain people and giving them presents (abilities and special features for their role). So how fits my quest in this?
Lets imagine that Mur PM'd you saying that he thinks your character is great and needs a bigger purpose in MD. So basically you can define your role and get the abilities you always wanted. If you think this sounds way to easy, then you're probably right. So this comes with an extra challenge. You're not only supposed to write down the role you want with its features, but also why Mur should choose your role. Because he could always say that it won't fit in MD or something else.

What you need to do:
1. Write in this topic that you're going to participate.
2. Write a short description of your character.
3. Write the role you want, this does not include the powers. Only what your character will be, and how he will be seen by others.
4. Write the powers, special features or both that you want your character to have.
5. Write down why Mur should choose this, and why this fits in MD (It's important that you write it, as you would send it to Mur himself).
6. When you're done with step 2, 3, 4 and 5 you need to PM me it ingame or via forum.

1. Don't write one sentence answers to those steps. It needs to be as detailled as possible.

It will be judged in how detailed you've written it, and if it can actually fit within MD. And how well you've written why Mur must choose your idea.

Don't have one yet, I was thinking about 2 months. I will define one when I know how many people are participating.

One WishPoint for the winner, WP won't be given out if there are too few players (Too few is around 3 or so).
One Angien for the winner.

I don't have any other rewards, so sponsors are always welcome. :)

Q: Why should I write my opinion as if it were written towards Mur?
A: I want you to write to Mur, to see what kind of tactic you'll use to convince someone like him.

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Those entries don't count towards the people needed to give out a WP. So I would say wait a bit before writing anything on how many people sign up for this quest. If there are too few it's better for me to quit this quest, since I don't have rewards to give other then a WP.

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  • Root Admin

I would like to read these to see if there are any interesting ideas providing those that submit are happy me doing so. Consider that a sponsorship ;)

The really good ones, i will seriously consider implementing.

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Also people who join this quest dont try to post your submission pubicely only to me, so it will be judged anonymously thanks. :)
If you have any questions regards anything just ask it.

If you want to be a judge send me a forum message about it so people wont know it.

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Sorry, but where exactly are we posting this? You lost me on that last one.


I'm in, this is a really fun idea. I tried posting earlier but it vanished somehow >.>

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I got sponsorhip from the TK. So I first want to give a big thumb up for the TK. :)

Right now the second and third place will also receive an Angien. And silver coins will also be given out in the following way. The player who finished last place will get 1 silver coin the second last will get 2 silver coin all the way to the first player. Signing up is still possible at this point. The deadline is 1 October 0:00 ST as said earlier.


I am also looking for players who are willing to judge. :)

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