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What's your Favorite Principle and Why?


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As the topic says... I'm curious to see which principles people get identifiied with and why...


I get Identifyed with Entropy. For me it is simply the tendency to disorder.


I'm try to organize myself but always finish full of entropy. My life is entropy.


So which is your favorite principle and why?

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That's prolly not gonna be a shock to anyone, but I'd have to say.... balance.

Balance doesn't mean "in the middle" more like "in between" and "one can't exist without the other".

In reality nothing is ever just white or just black. It's always in between, leaning towards one side or the other.


One of my fav poem fragments, by Ursula K. Le Guin from "A Wizard of Earthsea:

“Only in silence the word,
Only in dark the light,
Only in dying life:
Bright the hawk's flight
On the empty sky.
—The Creation of Éa”


That's also one of the reasons my character is a druid and my font is gray...


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That's prolly not gonna be a shock to anyone, but I'd have to say.... balance.

Balance doesn't mean "in the middle" more like "in between" and "one can't exist without the other".


^stole my Thunder.


I'm actualyl having a tough time deciding whether  "Balance"  or  "Light" is my favorite.

Balance for the same reason as you, Shem, with the connection to Cyclicity, not Stasis.  Balance returns to itself, wheather it is movement or calmness between opposing forces.   I prefer the number 3 for that reason,  it's stable, but not "even" and thus, balanced well.


Light for the ability to offset Balance, for a time.  For the idea that enough energy pouring into something will kick it off-balance.   Light is force and Will and direction and creativity in my head.  Light is also dangerous.   Burn brightly enough and you may hurt yourself, fuel your efforts with your own vitality, in a sense.   So, it is not always "good" either, but it is powerful.   A candle in the dark is powerful indeed, when you can't see, but while you cna see the short distance around you,  those far distant can see YOU even better. For those many reasons and thoughts and visions, both good and bad,  I like Light.   It's a weapon, and a curse, and a cure, and Hope, all wrapped up, and available to us all.   Gather Heat, cast a spell, even chat between scenes, you are adding Light and energy to the realm, regardless.  

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After 2 years in MD, I am still unsure which one to pick first.. Imagination or Darkness?


Imagination because of my need to "create" imaginary bubble worlds. Either as extensions of reality, or as ways to escape from it.

Darkness, because those bubbles need protection. Sometimes their existence depends on their secrecy, and once discovered they just go.. 'poof'.


Immoral as it may sound, lies multiply the possibilities..  :ph34r:

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I don't share lashtal's dilemma.  Darkness without a doubt.


I don't use it to create complete "bubbles" but rather to isolate inputs and outputs...I can take a real system and say "These inputs and outputs lead to this property, these lead to that property."


Yeah, say "science" all you want, but the fact is that most of these systems aren't physical, and most of the "darkness" is mental, not something I actually do with my hands.

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My understanding of the whole principle idea in MD changed a lot in the years I´m here, so does my RL. It´s hard to say for me what is the "best" or "favorite" of mine because I consider myself a part in all of them differently at various times. If there would be a "principle of change" or one that fits closest to that I would choose it. But I cannot clearly see it, so I have to choose the one which fit best at the moment. 


Principle of Syntrophy 




Mostly because it stands for this:


"The Principle of Syntropy is the basis of clear-sightedness, prediction, intuition, healing, growth, some regeneration forms and some forms of annulment of destruction based on energy consumption."

(taken from http://md-archives.com/articles/principle-of-syntropy.html)

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Kind of a cliche but... Light and darkness.

Darkness because it conceals, not because you can use concealment in your advantage, but because of the need for privacy and staying 'incognito', away from the attention of beings. Darkness is safety, a haven, and there you can create, think, progress, until you are ready to enter the light again, and eventually return to darkness in an never-ending circle of evolution.

Light because it is energy, knowledge, truth, life.

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