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Countdown Timer off...


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I understand the server issues we're having & hopefully this will be fixed when that is addressed... but I'm not sure this is a server issue. It may be, I'm not that up on servers & such...

I've had some problems with the timer being off so I decided to test it & I refreshed 3x in a row... the timer said 8:43... refresh... 9:04... refresh... 8:04... refresh... 7:14.

so then I let it count down to about 5:25, then refreshed again... it came back saying 9:04. <--(major descrepancy)

Again, I understand we've got bigger fish to fry at the moment, & perhaps this isn't really a big deal to others. But I try to time my free credit click, gaurd & other big battles, etc, with my trips to the shop & so far I've lost major VP (around 65,000vp total in 3 events) due to slow page loads (which the new server will put an end to I'm sure) & the timer being off.

Just a heads up so if the server isn't the cause here we can check into it when time permits...

*(Edit) Ok, I just tested it again... started it at saying 3:47, I refreshed... 9:04, refreshed... 1:57, refreshed, 0:38... refeshed... 0:05... refresh... 9:34. Then I let it count down to 6:00 & refeshed... came back at 9:57... refeshed 1 more time & it came back at 1:47... I give up... going to bed, lol

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i tried it for myself and it kinda worked

the timer started off at 5:42, i refreshed it and it went to 6:10... after that the timer was right on after about 5 more refreshes

but i do remember a couple times i was trying to time something to the second and refreshed the page just to make sure... after the refresh the time changed by 4 or 5 minutes, so i think this has been with us for longer than you think... just never addressed

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I had the same miss-fortune described above when wanting to get some armor, but that was 2 days ago.

I don't know how it was implemented that counter, but I guess that it counts down from the time you last logged in.

Maybe the formula should count more on the system's date which is constant.

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I'm positive I'm not getting any vit/VP with the time descrepancies... the whole reason I noticed this problem was due to me running out of time to get to the store, so I watched those things very closely. & when we were advised to refresh when the mail & battle links repeated over & over (which is also still happening btw) I saw these major inconsistant leaps in the timer then.

I use IE6 atm... tried switching to IE7 but my comp wigged when I tried to install it so I switched back. Also have high-speed cable connection w/2.9gig processor & plenty of ram.

I've also used Firefox here & didn't see alot of difference in performance issues, they seem to be about the same as far as the page loading & timer situation.

Like I said, not pitching a big gripe as I know we're in the midst of switching & fine tuning our new server... I'm also in Chapter 3 & there's issues there, & this may be exacerbated because of that... just wanted it known. :(

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I've been experiencing the same thing but now i just got my worst one yet, a few mins ago. When according to the game i had 2 minutes left to regen and i had counted that it was exactly 8 mins from my last regen were i got VE i refreshed the page and my counter was at 9 mins 58 secs left to regen. I dident get any VE at all and now it's gone down to 2 mins again after waiting another 8 mins...hopefully il get some now...Oh and im at mp4 but only just finished the story a second time if that helps any.

PS. i got my VE the second time xD

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the same for me. Unfortunately it happens very often, especially when I do the "free credits" to get some VP to buy a better weapon. Usually I finish the free credits at approx. 5:xx, then I refresh and the clock is 9:xx and I got no VP. This is very annoying, because it happens very very often.

By the way I use Firefox 3.0.

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