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The Elixir of Life - Registration


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Hey folks! I am back with a new quest which me in collaboration with my master have been working on for like one month? two months? three months? Dont even remember now. :P

It's called The Elixir of Life.

Its basically a clickey quest with lots of logic puzzles that Burns has skillfully coded into clickies. The Quest is limited to clickies in NML, and very very few clickies in MDA and GG (for which means of travel will be provided for players who cant enter). It has lots of musical videos, a huge story and some interesting comparisions to facts and fiction. I will give you one week to register yourself. Only the players who have registered themselves will get an oppurtunity to solve the quest. The registrations start now and end on 5th august 2013 at 23:59 ST.

Please post your entries in this format:

1. Player name which will be entered into the quest. (No alts allowed)
2. Player ID
3. AD count

Be prepared!

(sponsorships will be accepted graciously)

P.S. : Forgot to mention. The quest will be hosted somewhere by the end of next week or the start of the week after that.

Registered Players list (pm me if I miss you out of the list):
1. dst
2. Princ Rhaegar
3. Menhir
4. Eon
5. Sunfire
6. Syrian
7. Grido
8. No one
9. Dante Lionheart
10. Dan Planewalker
11. JadenDew
12. Valldore Nal
13. Dark Demon
14. *Clock Master*
15. *Maebius*
16. Lashtal
17. madjikman
18. nadrolski
19. Dragual Monarth
20. *Shemhazaj*
21. *MRAlyon*
22. Lone wolf
23. AmberRune
24. Aelis
25. gonzalocsdf
26. Rophs
27. Eara Meraia
28. *Peace*
29.Koshu Farsight
30. Yasrin Luvien
31. Ivorak
32. Soothing Sands
33. Change

34. darkraptor

35. Valoryn

36. Vasilemacel

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I can only register if I know how long the quest will be open after the registrations are over?


I am considering to reward top 3 places Atm. So, after the quest has been started, whenever three people complete the quest, it will end and the quest will be open to everyone for a few days till burns needs his clickies back. 


If there is a good amount of sponsorship, more people might be rewarded. Depends on the sponsorship.

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