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Heretic Tourney - announcements


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First, please do not post in this topic. Any question or a comment that you wish to make public, rather than messaging me, please post here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14539-black-and-white-tourney-applying/


In the same topic you will find some rules in the first post.


I will use this topic only for announcements, that way it will be easier for everyone to organize.



This is the draw:


[log=The Draw]


Group I
No One
Group II
Clock Master
Dark Raptor
Group III
John Constantine
Group IV
Dark Demon





Due to there being 13 participants, I was 'forced' to create a group stage.


As you can see, there are FOUR GROUPS. Each group can only have one winner. You play against the rest of your group members one match (2 wins rule). If every member has one win each, you start over.


The four finalists proceed to the knockout phase (semi finals) to determine the winner depending of the 'protection' rule. If there is no interference with the protection rule (No mainland members against each other until the finals), WINNER of the 1st group will fight winner of the 2nd, 3rd will fight the 4th.

The rules are in the original page linked in the start of this post.

CONTACT your group-mates and meet up in a (I advise) non-public area for easier fights (you don't have to meet all at once). If several rounds are required to determine the winner of the match remember to unbind the ritual you got your win on so you don't get combo VE addition in your next fight (if you use the same ritual by some chance).


If you accidentally put a tokened creature in your ritual, ask your pair to reset the fight with SAME CREATURES where you would use the same type of the creature that was tokened in the previous fight, only now without tokens. If you don't have it, then treat it as an empty slot.

If you mess up your ritual so it is impossible to replicate it in a fair way, consider yourself disqualified (unless your pair decides to give you a second chance).



I will send some PMs tonight or tomorrow to alert you about the start of the tournament.




Meet up with your current pairs, screenshot the fighting and the results and post them up in the forum conversation (PM) I will send tonight/tomorrow.

Do not proceed into your next opponent (when you win against your current pair) until I announce the end of this stage.


READ RULES CAREFULLY!!! A lot of them are on the link I provided on the top of this page! Message me with questions if there is any confusion.




Group determining was made via the date of your application (dst is the only one that applied via forum PM, the rest can be seen in the topic). Odd numbers against odd numbers, evens against evens... (1st vs 3rd, 5th vs 7th, 2nd vs 4th... etc)

Groups were created so LRians avoid LRians (3) until the final 3, same with GGians (2)... The rest of the mainlands have only one participant in the tourney respectively.

Due to number of players being 13, 3 groups have 3 players, 1 group has 4 players. Last who applied, John Constantine, chose his group.

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Thanks for the kind words :)


The second pair organized themselves fast, and Lashtal swam out as the winner. :)

We are now waiting for the second finalist to earn the passage.


Once the fights are over, I'll share few screenshots thanks to considerate participants.

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Clock Master won against No one, so now we have Marind Bell versus Necrovion finale! :)





Knights_of_the_Bell.gifClock Master            vs            Lashtal  Tainted_Warriors.gif

Now we only need some introducing fanfare! :D



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And the winner is...






Clock Master!



Former leader of the Knights of the Bell and its Knight Commander, Clock Master represented Marind Bell through his champion journey, meeting Lashtal of Necrovion in the tourney finale.


Here are some of his fight set ups:


The Semi finals against No one:


[log=First round against No one (draw)]





[log=Second round against No one (draw)]





[log=Third round against No one (Clock Master wins)]






The finale against Lashtal:


[log=First round against Lashtal (Clock Master wins)]







(will add some more fights from others in the next post)


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Vice champion Lashtal had an interesting journey of his own.





His group had some unpredictable fights. One included 5-round match of Lashtal against John Constantine.


He won against MRAlyon in the semi finals:


[log=Lashtal vs MRAlyon (Alyon's screenshots)]









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