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Public Council FAQ


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Feel free to read whatever political motivations into this, but "The forum voting system will be used to vote" is a bit vague, so..


Should we be able to vote for, say, first through sixth place, or our main four candidates plus three alternates?

The more slots, the more consensus candidates are favored over highly polar ones.

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  • Root Admin

It won't eve forum vote, explained intake to above people but forgot to copy

In essence, pick one person in each category. if votes are close, restart voting with highest x people. Will be explained more when I'm at home when voting starts. Discussed full plan with Mur and council and they are happy with its fairness.

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Since the hidden concil is still there , and i suppose will still be doing is actual role


What is the foreseen fuction or role of the public concil? (the annoncement seem to give only part of the answer, it seem more elaborating would be nice)


What are the means or tools or authority will be given to the public concil to fullfill his function or role?


those questions i think should be adress, both for the MD public at large and for the canditates to know more what would be asked from them

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  • Root Admin

"I suppose it will be doing its actual role" - What do you think its "actual role" is? What do you think my or Murs actual role is?

A number of roles will be retailed by the council, Mur and I. These roles are crucial to MD such as dealing with payment and other adminstrative parts of MD. These cannot be expected to be given to a public role in case of misunderstanding or not knowing how to use payment systems or similar, and where training will be too expansive. The Tk's will still run the TK's etc.

The public council can be exactly what they want it to be. If they dont want to do anything, they dont have to bother and can just sit down with some nice powers and do nothing. If they want to look at rehauling the LHO system or similar, they can. The public council should be people who should talk with the public and work on exactly what they want. This is important to remember when you are voting since they are our public council, hold directly accountable to us. Mur is of the opinion that this peer pressure will not create decisions good for "general MD" but we shall see. An example where everyone wants something but not everyone should get is rare creatures, these should stay rare and although everyone wants one, everyone shouldnt get one.

Within the realms of reason, it any and all tools they want. In some cases the tools will not be directly given to them because they are powerful but will be held by me and used in cases they need the information from them. As an example the altchecker will not be given to any of these players, but they will be able to obtain the information provided by it as long as they provide a very good reason for it. Alt information is private and we never use the altchecker just for fun.

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  • Root Admin


The thing about MD, is that the people that work for it all do freely. This generosity powers MD much more than money and is worth so much more. If you say got the server costs free, but had to pay the people to code/plan/manage/LHO/TK/ETC then we would end up paying thousands of pounds more.

It isnt a job, its a hobby, and therefore you cant force people to do what they dont want to. If you are being forced to work on something (without pay because with pay its called a job) then it becomes boring, you will give up, and in the end you will do a bad job. Speaking from my point of view Mur has never told me to do any coding, he has asked nicely if i could do things. Some things you know, although you dont want to, you have to work on fixing/changing. Stuff like fixing those Key bugs, they were a massive pain, and i didnt want to do it, but it was important so you do work on those things. Its a balance between coding random things and working on stuff you know needs work.

What the public council really need in my view, and something people should consider when voting:
Being able to talk to the public, get across ideas, be approachable, find what people want
Have some initiative, since no one is going to be telling you what to do, having an idea of what you want to work on is good.
Have some "MD Smarts" Its all well and good having ideas, but if they have already been presented and rejected, or similar then its not likely to be done, unless you can convince others.


Dont worry about some of these things, The council and i will be around to help out. I can provide examples of work im doing, work that could be done, and formats that you may want to run the council with. There are a thousand things that could be worked on in MD, it just takes some manpower to do. An example could be planning for land treasuries, working on a Torch Competition, or something as basic but useful as planning changes to the way you can move around MD.

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