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Which Creature is your MD character most like?


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This quest is simple.
Which Creature is your MD character most like?
Send your answer as a forum PM to me and I will judge them, make sure this quest is mentioned in the subject line. There is no deadline. Submit your anwser before the rewards are all rewarded.
1Shop Joker
I will distribute the rewards as I see fit among the participants. Possibly more rewards are unlisted.
If you would like to sponsor this quest send me a PM detailing the sponsorship.
The better the entry, the more likely it is to get a reward. Reasons are usually good. Interesting or creative is always good.
Send me a forum PM if you have questions regarding this quest and do not post ITT. I will post results as they appear.
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  • Root Admin

no deadline, then how can you reward?

WP's shouldnt be given out on a whim and should have defined limits and times. This really looks like a "im going to give a WP to whoever i want quest" and should definately be approved by council so its not just taken away and wasted.

You cant just give a WP to someone, because you liked their entry and they were the first you liked, thats not fair nor right, and others have had wishpoints removed because of this.
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To make this Contest appear less sketchy I'll make this post:

The deadline is October 31, 2013. (This is newly created, I didn't have one planned previously)

ANY creature will do.

Your response can be any form of media, just fit it in a forum PM, photos and videos must have the standard slip of paper with your playername and "MD" or "MagicDuel" written on it.

If there are any more frequently asked questions I will post them ITT.

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