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Drachorn's Fall


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For Mur, and other lazy readers: :P

Make a drachorn

Take three pics of it

'MD' and your hand on all pics

Submit as PM to me until Oct 23rd

Rewards: Drach Charm, Mur sponsors 5 WP codes, a drach and a reindrach if there are more than 5 participants



No, not what you think :P


I think fall has officially started all around the northern hemisphere now, and fall is traditionally a time of harvest, and thanksgiving.

Most cultures make sacrifices to thank for the year during this season, and often do so in a very crafty manner. We do this here, too, and we're finally getting closer to the quest part of this now, so don't stop reading. ;)


There will be a drach charm awarded to whoever CRAFTS the best looking drachorn/dragon within a month from now. October 23rd, 23:59 server time will serve as deadline.


Any form of craft is allowed, except for drawing. You can make your dragon from things you find in your garden, like colorful leaves, or carve it out of wood, or do some origami, anything you can think of short of drawing it. Show your hand's skill :D


To compete, take three snapshots of your object from 3 different angles, and make sure to include the letters MD in all of them as well as one of your crafty hands :D


The rating will be done in two ways, there'll be a community voting by poll, as well as a rating from a group that won't be disclosed until they're done. To ensure the highest possible un-biasedness, send your snapshots to me via PM, and i will post them all for the public voting. 


I'm aware that fall in northern hemisphere equals to spring in southern, so yeah, you guys don't have the traditional harvest time bonus, but in turn you have some flowers that should be in bloom, make something of that instead ;)



Remember: You're supposed to craft a drachorn/dragon, take 3 different photos of it, and send it to me. 'MD' and one of your hands has to appear in all of the snaps. Do it 'til October 23rd, that's one month from now.


Good luck :D

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for mur
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Actually didn't think of that possibility so far, but yes, i think i can allow 2 submissions per participant. Not more than that, though.


And if you wish to submit two works, they must be using different materials.

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Yeah, they shouldn't be posted like that so people don't know whom the works are from. Sorry, but i can't accept that submission for the quest anymore.


Plus, you forgot to add your hand.


But i love your apple drachorn :D

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Since some people asked:


You are allowed, and encouraged, to paint, spray, roll in dirt or otherwise alter the color of your object if you wish so :))


I don't want drawings because we have so many things that reward drawing-skills already, this is more of a sculpture quest if you wish to call it that. But of course you can color your object, still :)


Don't forget: Your object, the letters MD, and one of your hands, from 3 different angles.

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  • Root Admin

i am sposnsoring this with 5wp codes, one drach, and one raindrach if at least 5 people participate

note..i am usualy too lazy to spawn a fresh drach so they will probably by from ancient stoc


ps about the apple drach, i think its good we have at least one sample pic of what to do :D

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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  • Root Admin

you should update main post with rewards, deadline, in bold to be clear. For people like me that have a problem readin lots of text take a very long time to spot such info. i looked several times at the post trying to find such info and in the end i gave up and sponsored my own :))

can i participate too? :D:D

still why not post ALL submissions on a nice gallery? i am dieing to see all of them :D

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I'll put them up after we have winners, don't want people to know who made what before they pick the best :P


And i think you could ask public council if they allow it, for special circumstances or something :))

Technically, you're sponsoring all the rewards that ever got rewarded, so... maybe there's a loophole :))

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  • Root Admin

how many particiants so far? how about turning this into a perpetual quest afterwards,.. adjust it a bit (increase qualiry check/requirements), set a default rewards (colectible drach statue or usable item of sorts). It can rwally be a peretual quest/task to achieve certain things at any time without competiton (like my rain collector perpetual quest)...ofc all this AFTER this event ends, cintact me if it sounds interesting (delete this reply if its not, to avoid further discussions and confusion)

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there, bought clay.


Haven't clayed since I was like 6. Nor do I have any of the special sculpting tools.


So either I'll prove to be a natural.

Or i'll have to explicitly tell people it's a drachorn

Or i'll get frustrated, smash the attempt into a wall and then make an ashtray

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