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A sad day for mobile users

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Today my browser updated and I was informed, that all the browsers I am using on my android device, have ceased flash support. So far the overall functionally was somewhat fine, letting me move and chart freely. But as of today all the browser crash or has disabled the support art all.

My question is - has anyone found a suitable replacement? I am experimenting with few alternatives, but no luck so far :(

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I use Puffin browser for my android tablet.  seems to work great.  theres a free version that stops after 14 days (unless you get more time by putting a referral code, which gives you around 4 weeks more... but I liked it enough to support the full version.



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I have managed to get flash on my android working for firefox with a bit of a hassle.

And then puffin as well, inbuild flash support, no hassle, costs 2 euro's or so.


That said, annoying decision. This whole html5 stuff is all nice and progressive.... but it's a damned pain in the ass for me.

I now have to ensure my own web software works in html5 no flash.....but, due to soooo many compagnies still running winxp with ie7...it also has to keep working in flash, gah!

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As of today the Dolphin works, but that's because the developer made a quick change and added back the old flash support, advertised with a whole new looks and etc.


I don't mind paying for that puffin cute little thing, but I strongly disagree putting my CC number anywhere over there. As long as Google isn't implementing paypal, I won't pay.


Oddly enough, all the links in the xda topic aren't working either on my mobile, or laptop.


But for now seems we still have a temporary solution :D

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the day flash gets disabled for desktops it will be a sad day for md. Theoretically every part of md that uses flash should be transferable to html5 and such, but ...the volume of work...the madness...the horror...bahh..just thinking

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