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secret ary

Muratus del Mur

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i need an assistant, this is a job opening for an in-game role.

i need someone quick, agile, but that can be patiant enough to reorganize what i postpone indefenetly. Decent availability in-game, email and messenger for easy communication (in-game and email will be most used) is required.
You need to have either very good memory or be very organized..preferably both.
People in public positions will probably not be accepted because at time if you need to act on my behalf it might interfere with your own decicions and i don't want that.

male/female or age, doesn't really matter.

you will get "paid" in socially acceptable favors, you won't get promoted by default or get unfair advantages later, but you will enjoy benefits i can offer you that will not interfere with the roles of others. This means for example, you need credits or at some point you want that creature you are really missing ..i will help you with that...but if you will ask some role or abilities that will influence the rest of the population too much, you will lose both this job and get nothing. If there will be any promotion or role that will come from me, not on your request. I hate people that "try their luck", i am more than decent in my rewards, no need to push it because i am not naive.

After a long time of service several branches might appear, situations where you might manage or monitor activity of others...rhings like that...then you might keep such a role permanently ..depends on you. In other words i will not give you such things as gift but you get a better chance to prove you deserve them.

idk if its fair, not fair, if people will complain like it happened before with Curiose.. but it is accurate. you get to be my right hand and certain benefits are unavoidable..

Also as part of the job description is to deal with my sudden apparent ignorance for things i tell you they are urgent but then i never have time for them..if you are the type that gives up easy do not apply..you need to understand me personally as well as professionaly

beeing able to keep secrets and be creative in finding solutions on your own is also a must.

Reply short so i can read everything, post also active days and playername along with your "intentions"

Thank you

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(shameless plug!)


This sounds like just the fit for what Public Council is working to coordinate, perhaps?
Essentially: Poke Mur about stuff the Players should have/want done, yes? :)

Or were you considering something a bit seperate?  A single point-of-contact?

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I apply because I'm interested in information. Yes, even if I will never have a chance to share it, I just love information: books, gossips, whispers. Information is like food for me, food for brain. You give me food, I give you what you want. Not so socially active, keeping my wits with myself, and quite calm. Anything else is up to you.
My ingame name is Generous Madmen and active days counter currently at 169 days.

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Ivorak (ID: 39390, Days: 1839)
  • Well organized.  Note taking is fun.
  • Good memory.
  • Available.  I frequently check email, and have a reliable internet connection.  In game when things are afoot.
  • Need a spark of direction.
  • But capable of feeding the flame.
  • Love the name ("Secret Ary")
  • Long term thinker 
  • Yes, I can keep a secret
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  • Root Admin

@chew, ofc first i ask who wants, how else could i find a good ary unles that person WANTS to be one, i can't simply pick someone against their will and expect awesome performance

tomorow i will pick someone. I sent some pms to some of you, please reply by tomorow (if asked for a reply, some i didnt ask)

new entries are still welcome

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