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Tribunal Signpost [QUEST]

John Constantine

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Creator: [player]John Constantine[/player]



Status *


~ Phase 1: Registration ~


~ Phase 2: Submission ~


~ Phase 3: Voting ~


~ Phase 4: Announcing the winners ~


~ Phase 5: Prize-giving ~



NOT ACTIVE[/spoiler]


The main task of this quest is to write welcome text to Lands of the East. It will be displaced on the  clickable small information table in left down corner of gate location (coordinates: ~7_gate_1 ~).
1.    You can use no more than 500 characters (with spaces).
2.    You are not allowed to use bad language or phrases which could offend any character/personal beliefs etc.
3.    Text must be write in English (preferred EU English).
4.    Text have to be closely related to Tribunal characteristic and include overall description of this land. Do not include statements which could suggest temporary situations/players or events (for example: alliances, kings, etc.)
5.    You can use some more poetic expressions but it can’t be a poem.
6.    Text should be grammatically correct.




Marind Bell Gates
The remains of a once flourishing town, Marind Bells real name was forgotten, and its current name is given after Marind, the protector of these lands. Its power lies in deep mysteries and powerfull protective magic developed in time to withstand Necrovions constant attacks. This land was once peaceful but is now tainted by the fury of war and hatred against darkness.




Necrovion Main Gate
Divided in two inner areas, Necrovion combines both brute evil forces and deserted lands with advanced dark arts and secret occult practices. Because of its nature, this land is opposed to all other lands and represents a constant threat to all life. It's also a refuge to those that wish to develop their dark side and turn their personal demons into a powerful offensive force. During the constant war with Marind Bell many secrets and powerful forces can be found in these lands.






1-st place (WINNER): JOKER + Special Reward


Special Reward: I talked with Council. Winner's text will be send to the them. If they approve it, it will be implementet in-game. 



There were 19 jurors choosen from all main lands.




Current participants:


1.  Rophs

2. Ackshan Bemunah

3. Nimrodel - submission received

4. Xavax - submission received

5. Intrigue

6. Soothing Sands - submission received

7. darkraptor

8. Tom Pouce - submission received



Phase 1: Registration  CLOSED

In this phase you have to post your in-game character name below quest information.


Start date : 06.10.2013 Sunday

End date :  20.10.2013 Sunday





Phase 2: Submission CLOSED

In this phase you send your final text to me via PM.


Start date : 21.10.2013 Monday

End date :  27.10.2013 Sunday




Phase 3: Voting CLOSED



Start date : 29.10.2013 Tuesday

End date :  17.11.2013 Sunday




Phase 4: Announcing winners

Votes has been counted and winner's are announced.


Date: 18.11.2013


Phase 5: Prize-giving 

Treasure Keepers send rewards to winners.


Date:................  [NOT YET ANNOUNCED]


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Every reward which is mentioned in Reward Section of this quest (except of Joker which I give to the winner from my private creature's collection) is sponsored by Treasure Keepers. I talked about it personaly with their co-leader Pipstickz and he proposed that rewards. He can confirm that. Before I started this quest I asked him about all the ins and outs of sponsorship. 

Edited by John Constantine
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A WP for a bunch of lines is way too much if you ask me.

And it's a PUBLIC voting. It's the WORST kind EVER. Because people will not vote the quality of the submissions (btw...I don't even know what you can call quality on a description) but they will vote for friends and/or the players they like. So no! This kind of quests should DEFO not have such huge prizes.

Edited by dst
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If you think public voting it's not a good idea so propose something different. I don't know people from Tribunal and also don't know who exactly could judge this. Give me names of players who you think are value-neutral. Or maybe one player should make a decision? But who? Maybe Public Council? Public voting was my proposal but I'm open for any suggestions and I can change it.



I don't see anything wrong with giving wishpoint for that. 


I would also like to hear Pipstickz view about it. If he will agree with yours arguments, I will change rewards.  I didn't have my own WP to give so any reward depends on what I get from TK. If I don't get any good reward from them, quest will be useless.

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When people create quests that need judging they also look for judges. Some post announcements on forum asking for volunteers and so far I haven't seen any quest stopped because it lacked judges.  Another solution people came up with was to ask other players to be judges (PMs, YM, doesn't really matter). The more different the judges are, the better the results. I cannot give you names because of...lots of reasons. And "I don't know a lot of people from East" should not be a showstopper. I don't think any of them would deny helping you just because they are mean. What do you have to lose if you ask?


And the jury should not know the names of the players that submitted (and also the other way around aka player not know the name of the judges) to increase the fairness of the quest. I have at least one example of a public vote that chose the most popular player and not the better submission and I have also an example where one of the contestants made TONS of alts and voted in the poll.

lashtal, Burns, Nimrodel...those are first 3 people that pop into my mind who had quests with judges. Talk to them and maybe they will be able to help you more.

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I like that idea. Maybe a good way is to:


1. I will find people with higher experience in-game. I will choose them carefouly from different lands.


2. I will send to them participants submissions. 


(They will not know each other and can't correspondend with others). 


(Authors of submissions will be anonymous to the judges and judges will be anonymous to participants).


3. They will look at submissions and give points for every text (for example: if there will be 12 submissions, judge can give 10 points for best, 6 for second, 4 for third etc). 


4. They will send me their outcomes and I will add all the point and find the winner.


What do you think?

Edited by John Constantine
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That looks a lot better than public voting.


It has been done before and it looks like it was the less contested method of all.

Oh, Rikstar did the same for his quest so you can  talk to him as well (since apparently he's always available at GOE :D).

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I'd say though that you Reward just the first place and submit the first three entries to the council. Also, instead of a wishpoint, reward the first place with the rustgold. If you really want to reward the second and the third places, reward them with 2 and 1 gold each. Because I think a rust gold has the value of 4g in the market. If I am correct.


You usually reward people on the basis of the effort they are putting in. In this case its barely any effort. Its not even something like poetry or story. And since you yourself are mentioning in the post that this is more inclined to the people who know more about tribunal and it's inside workings, I suggest you give your reward bundle a thought.I know you want more participants and the quest to be popular and such. It seems to be devaluing a wishpoint.


It's your call in the end.


Also, Public voting is probably the worst idea for such quests. Because public voting for a person is 90% popularity contest. If memory serves me right, One person invited his non MD friends to join the forum just so that he could get 'non alt' votes to win the quest. Interesting loopholes people can come up with :P

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Why does everyone seem to think that this will take barely any effort? The effort that it takes depends on the other participants. In a poetry contest, if all of the contestants write their poems in under five minutes, then they put in barely any effort. Look up copywriting for a profession that is all about writing high quality 50 characters or less snippets of text.


When I play text-based roleplaying games (where people type commands and actions) I often spend hours on a character description that's only 4-6 sentences in length. After I'm done, I continue to refine it as I play the game. This is the same, except it's a description of a land.


I do think that the first place contestant should only get a wishpoint if their description merits it. Sadly, the only suggestion that I can think of to determine this is to have the judges (for there need to be judges. I agree that public voting is a no) say if they think a description merits one. I say sadly since it seems that everyone is biased towards poetry or more longer pieces of prose. I just hope that, if this method is used, people will recognize a great description when they see one.


I would like to participate in this quest, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time for it yet, so I'll hold off my decision until a bit later.

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Pipstickz give me his final opinion about sponsorship after reading all the comments.  I changed the rules. First place reward is Joker + Special Reward (implementation). Second place reward is Rustgold, third 3 Gold (only aply if there will be more then 12 participants).


@Rophs and Acksham

If the quest after changing rules don't suit you, contact me via PM, I will delete your registrations.

Edited by John Constantine
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about the rules


you say no more than 120 characters


but the two exemples show compting (spaces include) 370 and 482 characters


are you sure its 120 characters the limit yu want, and does it include the space characters?


i would suggest you increase limit to 200 characters including the space characters

Edited by Tom Pouce
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