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(suggestion that might work and fits with the features i was working on for autumn2050, heads could be collected from scenes, instead of automatically distributed. Piles of heads randomly placed as pickable items allover the realm, that when picked increase heads count. Add minimum limit to the amount of heads needed to be listed in the contest. The rest of how heads contest work remains unchanged, this would eliminate issues with people receiving heads if they are not actually participating)


This is just a note, i will not be actively involved in this topic, chew feel free to delete it if its not related to what sort of help you had in mind.

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I don't want to be involved in this topic any further then this post.


I just wanted to point out that there are enough suggestions to pick one. And my suggestion is like this :



On topic: Indeed, the interest in HC is fading for MP5 and from what I've read in all your posts, you all recognize one thing but still fail to see put the finger on it: there is no point in competing for HC in MP5.

One should ask himself :why should anyone compete for HC in MP5 ?
There are many reasons for NOT competing and some may simply be:
- the reward is not that great
- there is a major change in game play during HC = the MP5 get lazy (most of them do it in time)
- there are so great chances to win HC by mistake
- one can get more "rewards" from a crowded location (like GoE in its best of days) in just 1 day with less stress

And many other reasons and all in various degrees FOR EVERY SINGLE MP5 PLAYER without a HC award.

There is just one solution, simple and without disregarding out any MP level:
1. separate the HC per MP levels
2. HCs for MPs should not interfere. Each should start in a separate week of month for exactly maximum 1 week.
3. each MP level should vote to start / not start the HC that month
* week 1, MP3 vote
* week 2, MP4 vote, MP3 play
* week 3, MP5 vote, MP4 play
* week 4, MP5 play
4. each stage ends within given time. If targets are not reached for each stage's time, the HC for that MP ends with no rewards even if it was close or even if it was in stage 2 or just stage 1.

In the end, there are only good things like :
There will be no discrimination for any MP level.
Each will play safe withing their own levels.
BHC can have 1 full week to do its worst with no interference.
There will definitely be rewards for the active MP.
HC can be tuned as needed for each MP level as needed.

And one would say : "ok, great, so why would an MP5 play now ?".
The answer is already there : "HC can be tuned for them to want to play".
Or: "It just doesn't matter anymore, they would not bother the other MP levels".

Have fun and good luck.

For me, personally, to want to play would be a specific reward like : a coupon to upgrade creature (those that require MP6).

@MrAlyon: I know you are better then this. Don't try to be an idiot. The HC is 4 moths apart. Even if it takes 1 month, you still have 3 months to play with your new toys as you want.
Help them change HC in a constructive way. It is in your best interest too.

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