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Stat damage

Summer breeze

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Last night, when I was idle, I was twice attacked by summoned army. Of course I lost those fights, but I saw that my stats had suffered too.


I was always under the impression that Eon was the only one who could do stat damage, but I am only mp4, why would he attack me and not under his own name?


Can somebody please explain this to me?



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Ann. 1966 - [2011-08-09 06:21:31 - Stage 10]
People that somehow escaped jail (have jail tag but are not on jail soil) can now be grabbed by anyone that sees them and hold for 8 minutes in place. Grabbed fugitives become agitated and highly dangerous (do increased skilldamage when attacking and cant be attacked back). If enough people (6) hold them in place they will be put down and sent back to jail instantly.


Ann. 1460 - [2010-04-27 00:36:01 - Stage 10]
Boss Contest starts on 29th 13:00. Signups started! Minimum 15 participants, maximum 40. 1Silver fee. Rewards are 1 morph, 20 skilldamage, boss hc medal, and a item trophy for winning the first Boss HC. Competition starts on 29th, i will give signup url on forum. Prepare your creatures.


Ann. 1177 - [2009-11-19 18:44:35 - Alpha 9]
Better than directly ban ...
"Curse" punishment spell will be used from now on for minor crimes, not always announced. The spell is cast for now only by me and drains a high amount of skills (-1k to -4k) for over a week. Longer periods and higher drains are possible for each cast of the spell. The cursed accounts will get 2800% skilldamage on all their lost fights during this period. This spell is designed to be used mainly against players that do abuses related to stat gaining and alt using with the purpose to boost their main acc, but its not limited to. (values and power of the spell might change without notice or per case and they are not subject to debate or complain)


Ann. 860 - [2009-05-18 20:26:01 - Alpha 8]
Skilldamage added if you lose more than 1000 fights compared to your won fights. Consider it a lost fights cap.

There are a few ways to get stat damage.

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  • Root Admin


under which conditions? and at how big rate/scale?


sorry i have no idea how stat damage works in general :P but i want to know everything before i start seeing those things :D

These questions are best asked to a LHO directly ingame to limit the amount of back and forth. The forums should be used in cases where the answer is not easily conveyed by a LHO or contentious answers.

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Every time someone will attack you and you'll lose you will get stat damage. As for the amount...well..in theory what your opponent gains, you lose (so if the enemy gains 0.08 attack you lose 0.08 attack) but to be perfectly honest I never quite believed that since I have seen strange things (so don't take this last thing about the amount as 100% sure unless someone else can confirm it).

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LE: Told you Chew I am the best LHO that ever existed in MD!



@Ary - what do you mean by go to negative stats? If you mean that it can get you into negative the answer is yes (provided that you are attacked enough - this is the theory, the practice showed that it's not possible because nobody puts that much effort into such a deed). If you mean that the negative add to already existing negative the answer is: yes.

Negative honor given by a fight is not capped (nor is positive one). It all depends on your and the enemy's balance.

Edited by dst
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thank you


i was asking for honor gain as in the amount that adds to your profile which is max of 400 while rest is converted to heat, is there same thing for negative honor? that anything more than -400 honor gets converted to negative heat?


edit: and if you are lho why dont you have *stars* around your name and why my question was never assigned to you? :p

Edited by Ary Endleg
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So its not spoiler controversy anymore? Are we allowed to give information like that away without the player even trying to work out on their own?


Further decreasing interaction and increasing frustration in MD?

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[font=comic sans ms']Further decreasing interaction and increasing frustration in MD?[/font]

Giving away spoilers has nothing to do with interaction. Infact, the player needs to interact with people so that they can test theories and try to find out things with trial and error. If you want to give away info to someone who hasn't tried to find it out by themselves first, you might as well write a book bout every known secret in MD and ask people to 'interact' with you if they want the book.

Or you could post stuff on the forum and further decrease interaction by making them refer the forum for info and not asking help from other players to try to learn it by themselves. What you are suggesting is spoon feeding. Not teaching. Edited by Nimrodel
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