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Christmas Cards

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I KNOW! It's just the beginning of November BUT well...I plan on making some handcrafted cards this year and since my only free time (and good mood) is during the week-ends (only on Saturdays, almost never on Sundays) I want to get a list of people who'd want a card so I will know how many to make (or try to make).


PLUS: this year I plan to send them really early so they will reach the destination BEFORE Christmas and not during Easter.


Nimrodel is by default on the list so Nimmy you don't have to write your name :D. I will confirm with you the address before I send it.

The same is for Miq (and the address confirmation as well since you told me you moved :P).


So, bring it on people!



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Next week-end (23rd and 24th) will be my last "crafting week-end". After that I will not have the time to make any cards anymore. So, this week is your last chance to decide if you want one!

I still have to make 2 more cards so I think there is room for more if there are any "takers" :d

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Card receivers, please send me the address. I plan to send them this week to avoid the hysteria that will take over the postal offices after 15th of December + I am trying to make them arrive before Christmas and not during Easter (as I said in the first post).

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6 Cards are in their envelopes ready to be sent.

2 more are waiting for a suitable envelope (which should come tomorrow or the day after).

3 more addresses needed: Vall, Rikstar and Gridopolis.


So, hurry! You lazy boys!

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