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Christmas Cards

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Iv never really done this, but i think i will this year.


Anyone that wants to receive a christmas card from me, please send me your address/similar. I will try and send one to everyone but money is not limitless and i have no clue how much its going to cost to send stuff out to places.


I will also be receiving cards if anyone wants to send one to me, but wont necessarily give my address out to everyone for privacy reasons, so please dont be offended if i dont give you my address.


EDIT: thanks to dst ofc for starting this off.


EDIT EDIT: iv done the maths and i can only really afford to send ~10 or so. First come first served most probably, sorry :(


EDIT EDIT EDIT: I plan to make an e-card which will essentially have the same content and send it to everyone who i dont physically send cards to.

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  • Root Admin

So i underestimated the time required to do all these things and overestimated my free time, meaning i still havent sent them... sorry :(


But i do plan to send everyone i said i would, one. even if it arrives a tad late.

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So, Iv made and written one, the reason that they are taking so long is that A) i added a couple other things into the cards and B) im writing smallish comment with them.

They will eventually arrive, iv made one so far and should try and finish and post another by monday.

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