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A weird dream


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aha! make way, mad king coming through:D

it, often, happens to people who "play themselfs" here so its natural that MD

influence your mind in such way:)

actually, its more likely to be connected with certain stuff you and azull shared

which binded you guys in some new way:)

there is no weird dreams:P

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Maybe it fits for someone on the side, noticing the previous conflict, but I'll say it again that it makes no sense to me, knowing the way I experienced the happenings, and the way I experience Azull. It's not that MD is making me indifferent, I just never took the whole war thing "personally".


Interesting way is how I actually strangled him in the dream, I didn't literally take his throat, I took a part of my sweater and wrapped his face while semi-wrestling, putting glue on the edges so it sticks, and cut my way out of the situation via scissors, evading the glue "activating itself" on my expense as well. (no particular reason for saying this other than portraying that I didn't actually "channel out" on Azull, it was just a way 'out' sort to speak)

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Trying to differentiate yourself from your dream just makes the gaps between RL, MD and dreams less visible each time and with each detail you bring.


Though, I must admit, that this new addition to the story really moved my thoughts about the dream on a completely different track.

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