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Of bones and excavation


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All I know on the tool stats & resources is here .


All that it is written there is from my own experience (observations) and having 2 gathering skills over 100 ... granted me the confidence in writing that.

If the information is not correct in your case, please say so in that topic. We can all benefit from an accurate information.



@Eagle Eye: I have also over 200 skill points in herbalism and there was no change in amount of resources gathered meaning that : I don't think it will increase the number of resources gathered even if I get to 1000 skill. (  ;) hmm, that is an interesting achievement )

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This is a bit offtopic but... what about bushies? Do they also scale with gardening skill? Obviously we can't know without somebody getting 100 in gardening skill because they don't use shared tool to get harvested. That's why this question is directed more to devs rather than players because I doubt anybody got over 50 gardening.

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