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Fugitive Quest 2 : ( ? )


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The Time has come and so the (?) has begun hehe,,,


Quest is simple - To crack a joke without hurting someone (which includes yourself) or something.

And that 'something' also includes non-living things. Yeah we need assume that even living & non living things to have a human soul and the joke should not be offensive to them.


Rewards : 3 Gold coins (by TKs)


Deadline : 7 days from now


Well if there r only 2 or 3 participants then i shall pick the winner. If 3+ then i shall appoint a neutral judge.


gl hehe.

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I am awesome!



Richy is awe, some. :)


Uhmm good try but not enough thou hehe. Its not your failure as the quest was designed in such a way hehe

Yep by this time u and the others would have realized that its almost not practically possible to make fun without hurting others feelings, such r the humans hehe.


But a life without joking and having fun isn't a Life after all. So what does the nature teaches us ?

One needs to be cruel just like the life itself hehe.

Ho Yess the very basis of survival on earth is by destroying other things. Even if u leave all your material possessions one needs to eat for living. And what does eating means , devouring other living things.

SO that makes all those who survive in this cruel world r some sort of sinners. 


So here is my second Question : Then y do we put the killers behind the bars and punish them while the soldiers r treated as heroes?

The above question is not only for Lania and Richy, its for all. Yeah moving to the Phase 2 of the quest. Still u all can join this Epic quest as the game has just begun. gl Kehehe...

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Killing people from the same civilization/faction as you hurts that entity as a whole, so you are quarantined away from those you might kill.

A soldier kills people from an opposing civilization to take land or otherwise benefit your civilization.

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Then y do we put the killers behind the bars and punish them while the soldiers r treated as heroes?



 The answer is: culture. 

Heroes are those who sacrifice themselves for others. It is only natural for beneficiars to celebrate their heroes. And in our culture soldiers are those who sacrifice themselves (for the good of the nation, blah blah). So it is cultural :P

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i think it's high time humanity opened it's eyes and realized that we (the people) are all the same faction and stoped treating some killers as heros. We should disband all armies and put all killers behind bars not just those that kill people from "our faction".

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Edit: As an answer to Tipu's second question. 


Because soldiers are hired and paid by the leaders and they supposedly protect their native countries and its people, while the other type of killers act individually without actually following orders from the said leaders. It's a matter of paperwork and legislation. 

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Disclaimer: overall, this is clearly more complex a theme than can be remotely satisfactorily approached here, even if the below might still hold true, in much more nuanced fashion. Yet still, I am led to believe this is the answer you seek:


What you describe is the legitimization of the monopoly of force by the State as the solidification of a given social strata's privilege. In context, loyal soldiers corroborate with orthodox domination institutions, whereas criminals and rebels corrode them. That a given institution is in power, in stable fashion, expresses that those cultural values they impose are already bent to their accord upon the populace. The different moral values by which soldiers and criminals are judged are, thus, an imposed perspective.


Surprisingly enough, that is not necessarily negative, but rather, merely a paradigm of social organization across history in regions of relative stability. Force is only the most obvious form of domination, and no social structure could have hoped to exist through time without building cultural pillars to support itself and justify its status quo.


If the old organization collapses inwardly, soon enough those soldiers who were loyal to it will be vilified by society, no better than criminals. Meanwhile, even those criminals who took advantage of the disorder, but wound up sabotaging the old order, will be presented in a better light in an aftermath where said order was brought down. That because, in the event of a civil war, it must be said that those cultural values behind the old order and its institutions are necessarily undergoing a crisis.


In the event of a foreign invasion¹, a very different scenario forms, as the internal mechanism of legitimization have not collapsed, but rather, a foreign set of values tries to penetrate that society through force.  In that event, the invaded society's current orthodox values will generate widespread unrest against the invading order, as the nation may have been defeated in force, but the imposing order still lacks the cultural subtract to stabilize its dominance.


¹it assumed that the nation is not in the middle or on the verge of a civil war, and therefore has a relatively stable set of values through society.

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  • 7 months later...

My faction.... your faction ...my my no matter how many times history repeats itself humans will never learn hehe..



So here is my second Question : Then y do we put the killers behind the bars and punish them while the soldiers r treated as heroes?



In name of honor and justice a lot of people have lost their lives. No matter how u justify killing u will never be able to bring true peace upon onces death. However selfish desire of protecting onces Faction, family will eventually lead in killing of their enemies.


Thats y these selfish faction in order to protect its own interests encourages in killing in the name of justice and defense while punish those who do killings for their own selfish reasons.


In MD too the same selfish desire have created this place called Jail. The purpose of these jails r not only to punish those who break rulez but also to eliminate those who r considered a threat to the game itself hehe. Thats y u will find some fugitives still jailed even after their jail time expires.


Being selfish isn't evil however being selfish and preaching about being non selfish(unselfish) yess thats evil hehe.


Even if i accept of your theory of honor & justice in killing enemy soldiers. Faction-A will consider these soldiers as heroes while Faction-B will curse them as murderous. Both cannot be right nor wrong. One has to be right and other has to be wrong. So here is my Third Question : Who is right and who is wrong Or what is right and wrong ? 


Don't u wanna to know the whole life u have lived the right way or the wrong way ....

Come join this epic quest to find out ...


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