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Do you Dream in MD color?

petty dodds

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Jester and I were casually discussing this in another forum topic and I have spent several days pondering said discussion.


Do you dream about MD?  
Where does MD stop and real life begin?

Or where does real life stop and MD begin?

And what if you begin to see things in real life that instantly make you think of MD?


Yesterday I was parking my vehicle along side a curb.  I stepped out on the curbside and there was a tree stump which immediately made me think "remains" because I swear to you, it looked like the drawing of Remains I.  And of course, the next immediate thought in my head was how many more battles do I need before that creature upgrades ?  and the THIRD thought was oh, right, that's a GAME and this is reality I'm currently walking in


Tell me this hasn't happened to you.  But I will say you are lying.


Or when you meet a big oaf of a human at the grocery store in the check out lane and he makes you think Grasan! as he thunks his items on the checkout counter.


Or when you are out of energy and still have much to do before you can go to bed and you think god, what would i give for a spicy pickle right now...


Or when you have a really shiny thought and you want to share it and the first thought in your head is i wonder if that MD friend is online right now...oh what the hell.  I'll just log in for a minute and tell them in PM and then an hour later you're cussing at yourself because you've just spent that hour on MD instead of doing what you were supposed to do


Or when you wake up in the morning and realize you spent the entire night wandering Alche's Alley, running out of AP because the viscosity is so high and the arrows don't tell you which way to go so you keep going back and forth between scenes until you finally remember which arrow you clicked and...


come on.  You know you've done it.  


There are of course, many existential elements of MD that overlap IRL which could be a forum topic in and of itself.  I'm just wondering, do you dream in MD color?





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I still do this, but to a lesser extent than I used to.  

But to answer the main question, of where MD ends, and where reality begins, that is a Very good question.


My answer, which is only valid for me, is about right there. *points*. 

The fact you can't see where I am pointing is part of the "answer".   ;)


MP9 anyone? :ph34r:

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  • Root Admin

There was a topic I started long time ago, colors of mainlands (something like that), but I can't seem to find it, you might find it interesting and in relation with your question. (should be somewhere in general forums)

was this not in soe hidden secction before the accident?

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Nice questions indeed!


Sometimes I dream of playing MD, which is definitely in MD color... Other times I dream characters from MD in ordinary RL situations, and they look completely "real". 

As for where MD ends and reality begins... I believe they intersect each other.


I usually don't feel comfortable with dualistic points of view, to me there's no body/soul distinction, no subject/object separation, no real difference between the chemical reactions in our brains and the mental image thus formed in our mind's eye.


Who said schizophrenic?  :D

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MD is RL.  What we do and say here has definite affects on the people we share this place with.   The very fact that you are dreaming about this digital landscape shows that it is more than that.   For years I thought that this was just a game.  Funny thing is that I carried MD with me.  I often thought about it, the friends I had made, the lessons I had learned...  All real. 

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  • Root Admin

hand drawings are like books

its why i made md like this

you don't remember or dream "letters"..you remember what your mind reconstructs..and that holds much more interesting info than what a colored realistic picture could offer. The relation between md and dreams..thats a complicated story and i want to keep this short,..but there IS something there :)


thats also a reason why md played outside md will never be md

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